Photo a woman walking on Mars?

The desire to find intelligent life outside our planet has led humans to send space probes and unmanned missions to other planets in our solar system, as well as to capture possible messages from stars. However, also many times, as in the best of pareidolias, has made us see faces where there are none.

Visual deceptions

And the point is that Nasa has recently released some images captured by Curiosity, the space mission that arrived on Mars in August 2012 for the purpose of thoroughly investigating the red planet.

In one of the images there is something that is a little abnormal because, in the middle of the Martian rocks appears, somewhat diffuse and in a blurred form, although marked enough to recognize it, the silhouette of what could be a person.

As we approach we can appreciate in more detail what would be the image of a woman wearing a dark dress, with skirt a little more below the knees, with the left foot on the front and in addition to taking a step or walking, neckline on the chest and brown hair with fringes in Forehead. Some have speculated that it could also be some statue, although such a fact would be undermined by the lack of erosion in it.

Also, on the right side of the image you can see what could be a hieroglyph in the likeness of fungus or even home. The space agency has not commented on it, although it is cast in less than the image has been published in black and white, an aspect of which conspiracyists are usually used to indicate some hypothetical secret of shift concealed by Nasa.

And what do you think might be what you see in the picture?

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Photo a woman walking on Mars?
Source: curiosities  
August 14, 2019

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