Poltergeist: the attack of spirits

The term poltergeist arises from the combination of two ancient German words meaning: hitter spirit, and is used to refer to phenomena of destructive ghosts that repeatedly concentrate all their power against a place or some people.

Violence from the afterlife

The earliest records of this phenomenon date back to the year 1000, in Germany, but in the past, its causes were unknown and the Catholic Church associated it with a diabolical manifestation; they also claimed that the poltergeist was a special and very powerful demon that was nourished by the souls of the living.

The particular anger with which the attacks make is the product of their frustration and denial of death, because these spirits refuse to have died and for that reason, they begin to break down houses that scholars say are vulnerable nests of anger, that is to say , which are the “victims” who unconsciously attract malicious spirits.

Poltergeist wreak havoc especially in England, and it is one of the few paranormal phenomena that can be analyzed for their duration, as they usually last a long time.

In 1977, near Enfield, an English town, the Harper family lived; formed by the divorced mother and her four children: Rosa, Janet, Pedro, and Jimmy. On the afternoon of August 30, the beds of Peter and Janet, who slept in the same room, began to move on their own. Tables that weighed heavily, moved from side to side; the locals also claimed to have heard heavy blows, as if it were some excavator machine.

The police arrived at the scene, but they could not do much and several times, they were also the victims of the grisly visitors from the afterlife. The wonder of the community was such that the press also resorted to the site of the facts and indeed, the place was in chaos: things flying all over the house, strange noises, roars, among other paranormal phenomena.

Such was the astonishment of the spectators, who contacted the Psychic Research Society, who with the help of a renowned medium managed to appease the presence for several weeks, as the mysterious presence had possessed the youngest daughter of the family and in his mother.

But months later, the attacks were becoming more violent and now no small objects, no toys, but furniture, closets and beds were abruptly thrown into the air. This time the attack was accompanied by huge human silhouettes, which appeared frequently.

The only way to end this horrific visit was discovered and employed by a Dutch medium, named Grneling-Meyling who made an intervention on the “astral plane” and finally, in April 1979, the nightmare for the family ended.

Of course there are skeptics of the subject, such as the American magician Jaime “the amazing” Randi, who sees nothing in the place of the facts but hallucinations or mystifications. Randi starts from the principle that every manifestation called “paranormal” is false from the moment it begins to inform itself massively.

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Poltergeist: the attack of spirits
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