Queen of Pentacles Tarot card meaning


Known as Queen of Pentacles, this card ranks thirteenth in the Suit of Pentacles of the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. On this occasion we will present a synthesis of the symbolic features and general interpretations made by scholars of this divinatory method on this deck, which apparently originated in the Italy of the Middle Ages.

Based on the tarot Rider deck, in this card we can see head on the print of a mature woman, dressed in a luxurious red suit, which rests on a throne: a Queen. Interestingly it isn´t located inside a castle, but in the countryside, in the middle of what appears to be a rose bush.

For some symbol specialists this is a sign of this queen’s power and connection to nature and its creative force. That is, she is aware of her, of her surroundings, and of others. So for Tarot specialists the key word describing the Queen of Pentacles is consciousness.

Inside her hands she holds a gold coin, which has inscribed in it a pentacle, sign of the element Earth, which is also represented by the Suit of Pentacles. As pointed out by several tarotists, it is to observe the way the Queen of Pentacles holds the coin with the pentacle, as it seems to show that she is aware of the power and magic she holds in her hands.

Similarly, there are other signs and symbols within this chart that deserve the attention of the scholars. For example, almost confused with the color of the soil, in the lower right corner we can see the figure of a hare, which is interpreted by specialists in this divinatory method as a sign of fertility as well as sexual impetus.

In this sense, most cartomantics see in this card a clear message of successful pregnancy or fertility stage, so if the consultant is looking to start a family, the appearance of this card augurs for the coming of a child, if on the contrary it isn´t yet the time, this card warns you to take care of yourself.

However, as with all Tarot cards, it is best to analyze it in context. That is, take into account the cards with which it is accompanied.


As for the specific blueprints of existence, this card has specific meanings. For example, in the field of work, the presence of the Queen of Pentacles speaks of a stage of high productivity, in which the consultant has the opportunity to demonstrate to others and himself how useful he is in his profession.

Likewise, this card gives an important stage for creativity and the implementation of several projects.

However, the consultant must become aware of his environment, that is to say repair in the others around him, in order to be able to know them and incorporate them into his ideas, otherwise he will plow only in the sea.

This card always refers to the communion with the space in which we live, so it reminds the consultant that one of the first responsibilities of every leader is to know the area in which it develops, as well as the weaknesses and strengths of people , in order to create the best work teams.

Likewise – in the light of what some tarotists say – the Queen of Pentacles almost always refers to someone specific who is or comes into our lives.

In this case you can refer to a clear-eyed woman with a certain authority within our work environment, such as a new boss, a supervisor or a director, recognized for her kindness and high social standing, who will come into our lives to teach us important things, so it is crucial to have enough intuition to recognize in it a teacher, as well as the humility necessary to learn.

In terms of the area of money, this card indicates a stage of productivity, and significant profits, as long as the intuition is kept open when it comes to setting up businesses and investing money. He is also reminded that in his life there is a mature, quite wise woman whose advice is of no extra when it comes to managing our finances.

However, the Queen of Pentacle’s card speaks of a moment of productivity and prosperity, so the consultant should focus on that, while taking into account his environment.

On the love plane, this card speaks of a stage of sensuality. If the person is single, they may be about to meet a person they will love, and they will bring quite positive things to their life.

If on the contrary you maintain a relationship – whether serious or not – you will live a moment of great sensuality and passion. Similarly, as mentioned above, the Queen of Pentacles issues a strong message of multiplication, fertility and pregnancy.

If it appears inverted

Like all Tarot cards, the Golden Queen also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted, i.e. head. In this case he loses a little the positive trait that he had when he was right, to come and reveal to us a stage of great insecurity, where the consultant is afraid of the future and to move forward.

Likewise, this card warns the consultant of the arrival in his life of a woman quite inflexible and bitter, who feels not satisfied with anything in her life, and of which you have to take care of, for she reveals to be a bad counselor.

Likewise this card can account for a moment in the life of the consultant, in which he has become obsessed with work, without repairing anything or anyone, so he is advised to take into account the environment, his family, his health. However, as in any reading, the context in which the card is framed must be analysed in order to have a clear idea of it.

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Queen of Pentacles Tarot card meaning
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September 11, 2019

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