Queen of Swords Tarot card meaning


Queen of Swords Tarot card meaning

Named Queen of Swords, this card is the thirteenth number of the Swords of the Tarot Lesser Arcane suit. In this article we provide an overview of the main symbolic features, as well as the interpretations attributed to it by the specialists of this divinatory method.

Based on Rider’s tarot,in this card we can see in profile an elegantly dressed woman, who wears a crown on her head and rests on a throne: a queen. It is located on the left side of the card, but heading to the right, that is, the journey that takes place from the idea to the action.

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Behind it is a sky in which one can see one cloud, which are also reflected in the beautiful layer that shines, which for some experts in symbology, represent the shadow that can exert our fears and passions over the energies of ava Nce. Likewise, both his throne and his crown are adorned with cherubs and butterflies, which refer to the Element Air, which is also represented by the Sword stick.

Likewise, in his hand he holds a great sword, with which he seems to confirm the qualities that the Element Air has, almost always related to mental ability, the ability to see beyond the obvious thanks to a great intuition, as well as the speed and clarity of thought, which, though overshadowed by clouds, still remain in the queen.

Likewise, her other hand – the one that does not hold the sword – is extended in a sign of greeting, which would be indicating, according to the specialists in Tarot, the good character of this queen, with which you can always count, in case you need some help.

Likewise, as with all court cards, the Queen of Swords may be representing a person, in this case a woman with brown hair, something mature, and probably of a pound sign, who enjoys the arts and the outdoors. Likewise – according to the analysts of this divinatory method – the Queen of Swords gives an account of a woman with whom you can be honest, for she has the ability and wisdom to move in all situations that arise.

However, it is important to note that this queen values honesty. Likewise this queen is characterized by being spontaneous and by enjoying laughter.


As for the specific blueprints of existence, the Queen of Swords card has specific meanings. For example, within a reading focused on analyzing the field of work, the presence of this card announces the victories that are yet to be received,as a resistance award by the consultant, who has had to deal with great fights, where he has sometimes lost and has won, but they helped him forge the solid spirit with which he counts, and who makes him a mature, knowledgeable person of human nature.

If the person who consults the Tarot is a woman, the appearance of the Queen of Swords in a review of the labor field can tell how this woman has had to deal with a world or working group full of men, who have not been entirely kind, and on the contrary have made the life squares to this woman, who has nevertheless overcomeed each of the stones along the way, overcoming and reaching the position she occupies today. From now on, only the triumphs remain, for the worst has passed and the wounds are quite healthy, to continue to reap triumphs.

In reference to a consultation that seeks to analyze the emotional field of love, the presence of the Queen of Swords always speaks of a moment of solitude, either because the couple died – both literally and metaphorically – and there is a moment of mourning; or because after some disappointments the consultant decided to heal himself.

So this card always speaks of a person who is alone after a relationship where he has suffered a lot of damage. However, his heart is not full of pain, but is healthy and mature, that is, he knows exactly what he expects from a couple, and he is no longer willing to waste any more time or suffer the same penalties that he recently went through.

This card speaks of love from a rather mature view, which beyond passion and illusion, already seeks a company with which it can be shared and built, from communication and respect.

In this way, the queen of swords card speaks of the importance of communicating, from sincerity and respect, because this opens important channels and creates solid bonds that allow to have a point of support in life with which to build a future.

He also remembers how crucial it is for the human soul to learn to rise, forgive, heal wounds and move forward carrying the least heavy burden, that is, by de-strating from hatred and resentability, towards the future where the happiness that has been raised on the basis of all the sufferings.

If it appears inverted

Like all Tarot cards, the Queen of Swords also has a specific meaning if she appears inverted, in which case she loses any positive traits she may have had when she was right.

When this card appears upside down, it also talks about a woman – or a man – who is very bitter because he has lost everything in life, however unlike when he is right, he doesn´t know what to do with his pain, so he has chosen rage and spite.

Likewise this card gives reference to a woman who is very intelligent, but who orients all her cunning in manipulating her surroundings, without causing happiness to anyone. Similarly, most tarotists agree that the inverted Queen of Swords’ card can warn of respiratory or kidney-type diseases, so it is necessary to take the case forecasts.

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