Real cases of levitation: St. Joseph of Cupertino

Levitation is a subject that intrigues us all, and who has not dreamed or even had the idea of floating in the air, as do the great magicians or illusionists like David Copperfield. Levitation is considered as the effect by which a body is in suspension without the intervention of any physical object, of course all this under the effects of gravity.

Many think that levitation is a trick, where the idea is that the spectators do not realize the cable that suspends the body of the magician or illusionist, which is an effect produced by the Hypnosis they made on the spectators, and for many skeptics the law of gravity cannot be avoided.

To the astonishment of many, there are records certified even by some religions, of cases in which people levitated without the need of gadgets to suspend them in the air, and these cases were called miracles. Such is the case of St. Joseph of Cupertino, who was a famous Franciscan and considered a religious devotee, who suddenly began to have “miracles”.

St. Joseph of Cupertino, every time he entered into ecstasy generated by some religious emotion, he began to suffer from something he called “dizziness”. It happens that when St. Joseph of Cupertino had one of his famous “dizziness” his body would rise in the air, no matter what he was carrying or the weight of the loads (a cross in wood or a lamb on his shoulders).

Saint Joseph of Cupertino became so famous for his levitations that great figures of other religions began to visit him to see that miracle, and he was even taken to the Vatican before Pope Urban VIII, and before his eyes and those of other spectators he began to levitate in the air, an act by which the Protestant Duke of Hanover who was visiting the Vatican that same day converted to Catholicism.

Despite the existence of written evidence of many other cases of levitation in the world, science has not generated objective evidence to clarify and accept that the act of floating through the air is possible.


Real cases of levitation: St. Joseph of Cupertino
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