Relaxing massages with live snakes

It seems that the world of cosmetics was not relevant to use few conventional methods, to meet the needs of its customers who are mostly women.

Strange but relaxing

A novel and unconventional massage system, has been created in Israel, but as time passes, its technique has been taken to other latitudes. It is a massage with live snakes and that according to the users, is very relaxing.

5 to 9 snakes are placed throughout the body, which slide freely under the supervision of the therapist; snakes have enzymes that, when put into contact with the skin, cause a relaxing reaction.

Harmless snakes are used for human use to perform this massage. I mean, they’re not poisonous and they don’t pose any danger.

With a minimum amount of 80 dollars, it is possible to purchase this relaxation package, with a wide range of relaxing snakes, moving throughout the body, offering an unrivalled feeling.

Reptiles in modern SPA

Ada Barak, the main author of this natural method, assures that when people manage to lose their fear of these crawling animals, they can benefit from all the pleasures of their massages. In addition, he concludes that “during contact with man, snakes share their inner heat, despite being cold-blooded animals. They have a very strong power with which they can energize a person.”

The class of reptiles used for this modern spa technique, are of different classes, sizes and colors. Each size brings a concrete benefit, such as the larger ones, that serve to reduce the stress of the muscles. When it comes to small ones, they help to experience deeper relaxation, due to their continuous tingling.

nature hides many mysteries; this relaxation system is a sample of the millions of medicines and goodnesses that literally represent a gift from Mother Earth to her creatures, especially with humans, despite the unbridled and unconscious damage that in recent centuries, the masses have caused him.

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Relaxing massages with live snakes
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