Rum-based cocktails for New Year

Usually, the New Year toast is universally associated in the Western Hemisphere with champagne, since there is no more glamorous liquor for this type of important celebration. However, this standard is not always met, and some choose to try new, equally delicious horizons.

Cocktails, New Year and rum

In this way, either because you have decided to spend the New Year celebration in a tropical environment, or because you love its flavor, Ron is usually one of the most common options for the preparation of cocktails with which to toast for past happiness, present and future.

For those who do not know this liqueur, or are not familiar with its origin, it will be necessary to explain then that it is an alcoholic beverage from the fermentation and distillation of sugar cane, which is also aged in oak barrels.

Likewise, as pointed out by most historians, it is a rather ancient liquor, since according to some research the inhabitants of ancient Greece had discovered how to make a sugar wine. However, it was not until the 17th century, when enslaved Africans and taken to the Caribbean lands of the new continent discovered a way to distill sugar cane.

At first, this drink began to be called rumbullion, an English word that could be translated as “tumult,” which perhaps refers directly to the algarabía that were formed by the groups of African-Americans who consumed it. Later, in 1667, it is known that the word rum was already used, which was lexicized in the Spanish of America to refer to this distillate of sugar cane, with which a large company was established in the Caribbean , where there are currently large rum-maker houses, as well as high quality brands and products.

Consequently, there is a great variety of rums with which you can liven up an evening, even the New Year’s party itself, since in addition to its great quality and flavor, the rum is characterized by being a festive drink, which brings happiness to those who consume it , not for nothing comes from sugar, besides having the great quality of mixing perfectly with other drinks, fruits and flavors. Therefore, the Rum becomes a great option for those who want to start the year with new taste adventures.

Rum-based cocktail recipes for New Year

However, not everyone knows the great versatility of Ron, a liqueur with which you can prepare delicious classic drinks such as free Cuba or Mojito, but also a great diversity of fun, glamorous or creative cocktails, as some that are show below, and they may be perfect for New Year’s holidays and toasts, such as those shown below:

Dreams of roses

For those who feel that New Year’s Eve is the ideal time to try new and romantic flavors, the drink known as Rose Dreams, which perfectly combines the cheerful flavor of white rum and the elegance of strawberry.

To prepare it, it will be necessary to have at hand the following ingredients: fifty (50 ml.) milliliters of white rum / seventy-five (75 ml) of milk / seventy-five (75 ml) milliliters of strawberry juice / and one (1) handful of crushed ice. Once all the ingredients are counted by hand, it will be necessary then pour them in order in a shaker, which will be shaken vigorously, before straining directly into a cocktail glass, which can be decorated with a strawberry. If you wanted to increase the appeal of this cocktail, you could frost the edge of the glass with a little rum and pink or red sugar.

Parisian blonde

Other options for a New Year’s toast have all those who love sweet flavors is Parisian blonde, a cocktail that in addition to its delicious flavor, also gives the palate a glamorous experience, for its creamy and delicate texture.

At the time of preparation, it will be required to have at hand the following ingredients: fifty (50 ml) milliliters of rum / fifty (50 ml) milliliters of curacao / fifty (50 ml) milliliters of liquid /medium cream ( 1/2) teaspoon of sugar glass. Likewise, when all the ingredients have been gathered, it will be necessary to pour them into a shaker, shake vigorously and serve in a cocktail glass. Likewise, if you wanted to add a decoration to the glass, you could frost this one with a little rum and golden sugar, which would give a rather chic touch to the preparation.

Pina Colada

However, it’s not all about trying new things, as you’ll also find all the energy of rum in some of the classic cocktails. An example of this is the emblematic Pina colada, a drink born in 1954, on Puerto Rican soil, from where it conquered the world.

When you want to prepare it, it will be necessary to have the following elements: thirty (30 ml) milliliters of white rum / sixty (60 ml) milliliters of natural pineapple juice, not bottle / thirty (30 ml) milliliters of coconut milk / and one (1) handful of crushed ice. At the time of making this cocktail, the ingredients should be poured into the glass of a blender, where they will be processed until a fairly homogeneous preparation is obtained.

Having done this process, the drink should be served directly in a hurricane-type cup, which due to the sweetness of this preparation, should not be frosted. For decoration, it will be enough to simply place a pineapple triangle, which will stand out on the white texture of this drink.

Between the sheets

On the contrary, those who prefer a taste experience full of sensuality and romanticism, to accompany their New Year’s eve will have the Between the sheets, cocktail that is also recommended for couples.

As for its preparation, you will need to have at hand the following elements: fifty (50 ml) milliliters of white rum / fifty (50 ml) milliliters of brandy / fifty (50 ml) milliliters of cointreau / one (1) spark of lemon juice / and one (1) handful of ice.

When mixing this cocktail, it will be necessary to add each of the elements in the shaker, in order to shake vigorously, before straining in a Martini type glass. For a much more glamorous experience, you can decorate this cocktail with an orange peel spiral.


Rum-based cocktails for New Year
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September 22, 2019

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