Science announces the end of the world

We only have three decades left before the imminent collapse of humanity, the apocalypse so prophesied by all the millenary cultures. The Mayan prophecies weren´t wrong, neither was Nostradamus, nor the rest of the hundreds of seers who saw the same thing. But this time the same science is saying it.

The Anglia Ruskin Institute for Global Sustainability has seriously asserted that if society doesn´t immediately change the consumption patterns of each individual, in less than 30 years humanity will have disappeared from the face of the Earth.

This institute is financed and supported by the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom. Several people have called these scientists exaggerated, but experts have shown that glaciers and snowfalls have thawed by almost 80% in just 15 years. The excessive consumption of natural resources is another factor that argues the thesis of this global entity, which recently published to the world the terrible news of the little time that supposedly we have left.

On the other hand, the unofficial studies of these matters, in diverse places of the world, have coincided that the main cause of the climatic change and all the natural catastrophes that have been unleashed and are going to happen, are due to the nuclear experiments that the main powers, carry out in the bottom of the oceans, for more than half century.

The card that completes the puzzle is provided by those ancient seers and contemporary esotericists who claim that in the year 2043 a gigantic planet will reappear that will collide electromagnetically with the Earth, called Hercolubus, Nibiru, Barnard First or Planet X. In such a way, that the Official Science, has begun to inform massively that something very serious is happening and is about to happen in our planet and in the destiny of the whole humanity.

Science announces the end of the world
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March 1, 2020

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