Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning


Known as Seven Cups this card ranks seventh on the Tarot cards. On this occasion we will delve into the symbolic features, as well as the general interpretations that make it experts in this divinatory method emerged in the light of the Italy of the Middle Ages.

In this card we can see with our backs the silhouette of a man who seems astonished at the seven cups that stand on some clouds on his horizon. Valuable objects and promises emerge from the cups. However, most tarotists agree that this card may indicate that the consultant is too obsessed with obtaining what he longs for that he isn´t able to see his own reality.

For other experts this card notes that the person may be involved in a stormy relationship, which does not allow him to move forward to seek a love that truly gives him the happiness he seeks.

Likewise this card can refer to the person’s focus on seeing love as a central element, without paying attention to the other areas of life, which are also important and need our attention, so the consultant may be  neglecting, for being convinced that the only thing that matters is the relationship that you maintain in the moment or that struggles to achieve regardless of whether it will really bring benefits for your life.

Some people even relate this card to the seven deadly sins, giving each of the elements that rest in the cups one of them.


As for the other planes of existence, the appearance of this card may indicate that the consultant is going through a stage of inaction. It also refers to the person living moments in what is only able to daydream.

Some tarotists also relate this card to the use of stimulant or hallucinogenic substances by the person who consults or the person for whom they are wondering. In short, it may refer to the need to evade the world, not to see reality to take refuge only in our thoughts and ideals. It can also indicate an excess of vices on the part of the person.

As for the work level, this card may be warning about the danger of not concentrating enough on its tasks, because it is focused on other issues. If the consultant is a student this card is also indicating about the impossibility of focusing on the studies. In terms of economics, the Seven Cups also indicates that the person is stiding too much money to unleash their pleasures, without concentrating on what is really important.

This card always refers to the confusion presented by the consultant to be able to see clearly what their priorities are or at least what those important things that mobilize them really should be. As a final tip the consultant is told to look for himself, in order to start getting to know himself and really know where he should take his steps.

Although it can appear at any age, this card is very common in teenage consultants or when the person you are wondering about is a young person. However, like all tarot cards, it must be analyzed next to the accompanying cards.

If it appears inverted

It also has a specific meaning if it appears headfirst, that is, inverted, in which case the card takes a positive character, indicating that the consultant has learned to focus on what will really bring benefits to his life.

It may also indicate that the individual has left behind some vices and excesses such as alcohol or drug use. He also points out that the person may be understanding that it is time to leave that relationship that torments them, to give themselves the opportunity to find a love that deserves it and fills his life with the joy and peace he needs.

However, there are tarotists who indicate a different sense when this card appears inverted, and who identify it as a message of the cards to point out to the consultant that it is time to soften the way the world looks a little altruistic or unreal, when on the contrary it needs a little more pragmatism and reality. It also refers to the need not to drown or torment yourself with mental films, and to look more at real life, that is, to live what happens instead of worrying about everything that can happen.

In combination with other cards

Like all other tarot cards, it has different meanings depending on the card with which it is accompanied. For example, next to the Empress’s card, the Seven Cups brings with it a message of Happiness. Likewise next to The Sun this card represents a happy sentimental union.

In the company of The Fool it enhances its meaning of unreality, reporting total unconsciousness on the part of the consultant, which may also be related to vices and the use of hallucinogenic substances.

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Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning
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August 28, 2019

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