Seven of Pentacles Tarot card meaning


Seven of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

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Known as the Seven of pentacles, this card occupies the seventh place of the suit of Pentacles, corresponding to the lesser arcane of the Tarot. On this occasion we offer a summary of the symbolic features, as well as the possible interpretations made on this deck by scholars of this divinatory method.

Based on the tarot rider’s deck, we can see head-on the figure of a man, who rests his chin on his work tool, with which he plows the field. In front of it a shrub from which seven gold coins bloom, each with a pentacle drawn on it, as a symbol of the element Earth, which in turn is the element that dominates the suit of Pentacles.

The man in question seems to look — with what some point out as satisfaction – to the fruit of his work. It is then the one who after a long day decides to turn to see what he has built up to that moment, finding a work that pleases him and that gives him the opportunity to feel pride in himself, because of how fruitful and useful the result obtained is.


As for the general plans of existence, the presence of this card also has specific meanings, however its presence within any consultation is related to undoubtedly positive aspects.

Thus, on the labour level, the Seven of pentacles refers to the time of collecting what has been sown. That is, if the consultant has been weaving a hard way of work, the appearance of this card urges him to continue a little longer, because he is about to receive the reward for his effort.

However, this card must be analysed – like all Tarot cards – in context, because its presence sometimes also points to the consultant’s sense of being trapped or oppressed by responsibilities and his work, so it is necessary to remember – and the function of this card is that- that should be calm and not fear for the future, for sooner than you expect, the fruits of your effort will flourish.

Likewise, the consultant is reminded, if this card comes to appear in a consultation about the future, the importance of choosing well what is sown, because everything we do will be returned to us, so the best way to guarantee us a prosperous future and profit is to work with strength, honesty and tenacity in the present.

As for the love plane, the presence of this card also speaks of a stage of tiredness after one of intense struggle to obtain the love of the chosen person. However, the consultant must seek to be filled with joy, so that he can enjoy what he had so much trouble cultivating. If the couple is in the process of bringing a baby into the world, the appearance of the Seven of pentacles heralds the advent of a happy and quiet birth.

Also, cartomancy experts say that when this card appears to a pregnant woman she is being warned about the arrival of a male baby.

In the case of marriages, the consultant should be alert with his actions and emotions, as the appearance of the Seven of pentacles during a consultation that intends to review the aspects of their marital relationship, may be indicating a lack of motivation or a stage of apathy.

That is why the couple must do their best to avoid falling or to try to get out of the routine, since there is nothing worse for the passion than repetitive daily life, so that alternatives should always be invented, that allow to feed the fire of our relationship.

As for health, it is also necessary to get out of the script from time to time, or try to ensure that obligations do not become weights so difficult to carry, as health can be strongly affected by the overburden of stress and difficulties, so the best form to work hard without this becoming a double-edged weapon that is relying on our integrity is relying on the future.

If it appears inverted

Like the rest of the Tarot cards, The Seven of pentacles also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted, i.e. head.

In this case it loses some of its positive sense to refer precisely to the opposite of picking good fruits, on the contrary the consultant lives a stage where he is working without seeing the results, so the tiredness of not seeing the fruits of his effort begins to wear out.

This card warns the questioner that it is time to look for another address, whether it’s changing jobs or method.

That is why this card also speaks of the importance of being connected with one’s emotions and intuition, so that we can identify at the right time when you must burn the ships and continue in other directions, otherwise the consultant You run the risk of staying in a place or in a situation where you can only risk spending your energies without need, so this card also includes a clear message about the need to be attentive to the signs that life is throwing.

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