Seven of Swords Tarot card meaning


Named Seven of Swords, this card ranks seventh on the Sword of the Tarot Lesser Arcane suit. In this article we will try to make a synthesis of the symbolic features, as well as the possible interpretations that are attributed to this card by the experts in this divinatory method, emerged in the light of the Middle Ages, in Italy.

In this card – if we rely on Rider’s Tarot – we can see in front of a man, who stealthily flees a city or village, carrying with him five swords (three with his left arm; two, on the right) leaving behind him two other swords , which remain nailed to the ground.

For most tarotists this card is related to the idea of theft or plagiarism, however some agree that it isn´t necessarily a theft for their own benefit, but that the protagonist of this illustration may be serving as an agent to their own army, stealing the enemy’s weapons.

However – whether for himself or to benefit his side – this card also refers to fleeing society, that is, to make the decision to separate from a group of people or from all that is known, in order to live free according to their own precepts.

In this case, the symbology experts see an analogy between this card, and the one before it, the Six of Swords (more information in Meaning of the card Six of Swords in the Tarot) since this deck performs an escape or escape by water, while the Seven of Swords also talks about displacements but by land.

Similarly, there are also those who warn of the importance of having a conscientious examination and subjecting to morality the actions that are leading him to leave the space known until now, otherwise being falling into certain to ctitudes not entirely correct.

Likewise, the cartomantics, experts in tarot, have agreed that normally this attempt to flee or the concrete flight aren´t actions that can be maintained in time, because sooner or later the consultant will have to face his acquaintances again, be it whatever the fact that made him leave, so we should never behave in a way that doesn’t make us proud.


As for the concrete planes of existence, the Seven of Swords has specific meanings. For example, in the workplace, this card may indicate that the consultant will be put on a silver platter an opportunity to steal or commit a fraudulent act that will bring economic benefits.

However, he cannot forget that everything he does will be returned to him, and that if he stays he runs the risk of being discovered, so the meaning of this card on this plane, is very reminiscent of that of the card Five of Swords, which speaks of a victory that nevertheless brings f elicity to the one who achieves it.

Also, especially if the consultant owns any company or business, the appearance of the Seven of Swords card within a work-related reading may indicate that one of your employees or partners is thinking either about to commit a fraud or scam , that will cause losses.

Similarly, most tarotists agree that this card may also warn of situations of theft or loss of materials, so it is recommended to insure the goods or goods that the consultant thong, as a forecast on this announcement of loss or theft.

However, the card should be analyzed in context, to see if the other cards can give light to the location where the material attack comes from.

For its part the love side does not have better luck in the presence of the Seven of Swords, since his appearance in a love-type consultation may be indicating that the consultant’s partner is in bad footsteps with other companies.

However, it is not yet a consummate infidelity, but a simple flirtation. However, if you don’t stop this game, it may end up in something more serious, that could compromise the consultant’s relationship.

Likewise, and for this reason the card must be analyzed in context, the Seven of Swords may refer to evading a liability, such as leaving economic or domestic burdens only to the couple, without taking sides.

If it appears inverted

Like each and every tarot card, the Seven of Swords also has a specific meaning if it comes to appear inverted, i.e. headlong, in which case it takes a troubling trait, as it becomes the discovered thief’s card.

In this sense this card appears inverted in a reading to warn the consultant that those dishonest actions he has been committing will soon come to light, that is, if the consultant has participated in any embezzlement, he hasn´t been faithful to his couple or has left without fulfilling any responsibility, will soon be visible to all, so again tarot experts remember that in life we should never do things that we have to be ashamed of afterwards.

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Seven of Swords Tarot card meaning
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September 18, 2019

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