Six of Swords Tarot meaning


Named after Six of Swords, this card comes to occupy the sixth place of the Sword of the Tarot Lesser Arcane suit. On this occasion we offer a synthesis of the symbolic elements and general interpretations that are attributed to this card by scholars of this divinatory method.

Referring to Rider’s Tarot, in this card we can see with a boatman, who runs a boat, which in his bow carries six vertical swords. A woman and a small child also go on the boat. In the background you can see a landscape with some trees, however it continues to seem – in the opinion of most experts in symbology – a journey into the unknown.

In fact, some tarotists cannot fail to link the print of this card to the image of Charon, the boatman who leads the souls of the deceased to the hades. Likewise, in the words of the famous tarotist Rachel Pollack, the halo of absolute silence, which seems to reign over this card and its protagonists, may be impressive. A silent journey into the unknown.

Likewise, for the cartomantics dedicated to the Tarot, the Six of Swords seems to be the continuation of the Five of Swords (see more information in: Meaning of the card Five of Swords in the Tarot) when after defeat you have a terrible sense of defeat , which causes the person to live a great deal of discouragement.

The Six of Swords then comes to represent that moment of sadness where everything is gray. However, it has a positive aspect that is displacement, that is, that despite the depression the consultant is on a journey – whether internal or even physical – in the search for new scenarios that bring him moments of greater happiness.

Thus, although it is a card that evokes feelings of sorrow, it brings with it a message of hope because it warns that the consultant is moving towards a better place. We could say then that this card is summed up in the expression “airs of change”.


As for the specific blueprints of existence, this card has specific meanings. For example in the work level, the appearance of the Six card of Swords may indicate that the boss or owner of the company where the consultant works has decided to move the office headquarters to another place, which may not suit us so well at the transport level and move Nto.

If, on the contrary, the consultant owns a company, this card warns you about possible forced removals, which will likely lead you to temporarily take offices or premises that aren´t entirely to your liking.

Likewise, this card may point to personnel change processes, which lead the consultant to have to assume the responsibilities of others. Likewise it may indicate change of work, the consultant loses a battle, which causes him to withdraw from the fight, however it isn´t a liberating retreat, but on the contrary full of grief.

However, we must remain calm, for we must not forget the hopeful message of this card, which tells us about changes that are for the better in the long run, because they will take the consultant away from the problems to put him in a better place.

For its part, the love plane takes on a better look in the presence of the Six of Swords, because this card speaks of the consultant understanding the importance of not competing with the couple, but of seeking and serving as a support, in order to move together towards better states.

Thus the discussions and confrontations have ceased, giving way towards a moment of objectivity and calm, where it is understood that it is often better to choose happiness, that being right, because to win is a victory that does not produce happiness, for the result is to be at war with being loved.

Likewise the Six of Swords warns of complicated pregnancies, which can nevertheless be overcome, but which will also bring certain concerns to the family.

Similarly, this card announces physical trips in the life of the consultant, so if the consultant is in the process of applying for a scholarship, requesting transfer at work, or simply wanting to know other countries, because the situation of his own no longer likes or  he feels that he must know other cultures, the appearance of the Six of Swords announces that in effect he will soon see the materialization of that movement towards new directions, for it is the card from which he wants to walk away and achieves it.

If it appears inverted

Like the rest of the tarot cards, the Six of Swords also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted, in which case it takes a sense of vertiginesm that can be dangerous, as it speaks of trips or moves that must be made precipitously or in the middle of the night.

In this regard, he warns the consultant that his problems are about to get out of hand, to overrun it and to make him have to make hasty decisions. It can also refer to unexpected layoffs of work, breakages with the couple, uncontrolled moves, that is, any displacement that forces us to take action quickly, disrupting our stability.

However, it is necessary to analyse the card in context, because in this way we will know what level of existence in particular this card refers to.

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Six of Swords Tarot meaning
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