Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


With the name of Six of Wands this card occupies the sixth place of the suit of Wands  of the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. On this occasion we will present a synthesis of the general interpretations and meanings that give this deck most of the specialists in this divinatory method apparently emerged in the light of the Middle Ages in Italy.

In this card we can see in profile the print of a knight who on his horse returns victorious from a battle or conquest. Both his horse and he are dressed up. Back we can see people of the village who acclaim it, also rise five wands, which together with the one that this knight carries in his hand give a total of six wands. As for the one in his hand, he carries on his tip a laurel crown, as a sign of triumph.


Most tarotists agree that the Six of Wands is a victory card. They also compare its meaning with that of the Cart´s Card belonging to the Major Arcanes. However, it is important to note that the triumph of this card doesn´t refer to a victory won quickly or the heat of a competition, but to a gain obtained as a result of a long effort, where we have invested our constancy and our tenacity .

Likewise the cartomantics warn that if this card appears, when we have not yet obtained the expected victory, it is interpreted as a very good sign that we are taking the steps in the right direction to win our goal.

However, with every victory comes a responsibility, in this sense it is necessary to take into account – and that is why it must be analyzed in context, that is, taking into account the cards with which it is accompanied – that sometimes the Six of Wands can also be a warning about our ego or pride, because while it is necessary to have self-confidence and to have a high self-esteem, it is also true that we must take care of trusting ourselves too much of our ego, since this is not a good friend or a good advisor.

As for the specific planes of existence, the Six of Wands always carries a message of victory. In the work area for example it indicates the triumph or the achievement. If the person finds himself looking for a job, he will find it.

Conversely, if you are working, the appearance of this card may mean obtaining an upgrade as a reward for your dedication, as well as approving a project for which you have worked hard. However – according to the cards surrounding the Six of Wands – the appearance of this card in a labour consultation may indicate the need for the consultant to rely a little more on his own abilities.

Likewise, in a consultation on the academic field, the Six of Wands augurs a victory over the obstacles to be faced, as long as the consultant detests himself hard enough, for it should not be forgotten that this card speaks of those triumphs the product of our perseverance and dedication.

For this reason his appearance gives a message of tranquility, indicating to the person who asks that at that moment he should relax, leave the concerns and on the contrary dedicate himself to his labors, because that is what will grant him the final triumph.

On the economic level, this card also augurs for the possibility of making some economic gains, as well as of succeeding in business.

However, it is necessary to take time and not waste finances, for this is the card that speaks of triumph with effort, so that any economic triumph will be the result of this, and not of chance or good fortune. It also indicates that the earnings of money cannot make us proud, for we must always remember who we are, where we come from and with whom we have always counted.

For the loving plane this card also brings good omens, for they represent the victories after the storms. If the person is single, wands Six can indicate exchanges with some people, as well as a moment of great charisma and sexappeal in which several admirers can be attracted.

Conversely, if the person is involved in a relationship, this card may indicate the overcoming of some crises, as long as dedication is placed when solving communication problems.

If it appears inverted

Like the other Tarot cards, the Wands Six also has a specific meaning if it ever appears within a reading in reverse.

In case it appears like this within a reading it does not make it lose its meaning of victory or triumph over the area or plane of existence for which we are figuring out. However, this position makes it a warning to the consultant about how he is handling his emotions.

In this way the converted Wands Six reminds the consultant about the importance of assuming life and struggles with optimism, otherwise he may be overcome by a sense of defeat that will make him lose sight of the opportunities presented to him in the cami no, moving him away from triumph and leading him to lose what he has been working hard for. Therefore – always taking care of the false ego – it is necessary to maintain an attitude of triumph and optimism in every struggle we undertake.

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Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning
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August 31, 2019

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