Sleep paralysis, or when you can’t move in your sleep

As the name implies, sleep paralysis causes a motor disability that lasts about 3 minutes and occurs in a transitional state, where the body is in the state between sleep and wakefulness; the person is fully conscious, but cannot perform any movement.

Sleep paralysis, or when you can’t move in your sleep

Some people claim that this paralysis is of demonic origin, because supposedly evil spirits take possession of the body; the scientific community catalogues it as a parasomnia and claims that these are normal processes of the human body. But there are also theories that suggest the intervention of entities that do not inhabit this dimension.

In Singapore a few years ago, a very peculiar phenomenon occurred, as some young people who were apparently healthy, claimed to have suffered from sleep paralysis, for several nights and days. Later,they were found dead.The relatives of the victims claimed that these young people were persecuted in their dreams by demons who wanted their souls.

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The medical diagnosis was an unexpected death syndrome, which occurs while the person is sleeping and causes heart failure; but it is rare that all the young people, who were totally healthy, are dead in the same way,which suggests that there is something unexplainable that even the doctors could not understand.

Since antiquity dreams have developed in a portal which links this world with another world which we do not see, and it is very likely that entities from that other world will want to interact with us, and what better time than in dreams?

Medical theories have never been concerned with studying these phenomena which could even cause the death of a person. Several victims repeatedly claim to have seen heavy shadows on them while they are paralyzed,and this produces an attack of hysteria and anxiety, because they cannot move or scream for help. This phenomenon is a mystery that will remain unfinished until we can know in depth, the world of dreams.


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