Lord of the Rings summary

In the field of the books of Epic Fantasy, the Lord of the Rings is known as The Lord of the Rings to a novel, divided into three books, written by the British philologist J.R.R. Tolkien, and which was first published July 29, 1954, thanks to the work of Allen and Unwin.

Transcendence of the work

Since its publication in the United Kingdom, the story of The Lord of the Rings has become one of the most important epic Fantasy trilogies of the West, a fact that has earned her numerous reissues, in hundreds of languages, which has also led her to be with as one of the most popular works of the twentieth century.

It has also been adapted several times, both in theater and in Cinema, being the best known film version by Peter Jackson, New Zealand filmmaker, which took her to the big screen in 2001, the year in which The Ring Community premiered, film about the first eponymous part of this trilogy.

In the following years, it would also premiere Las dos torres (2002) and El retorno del Rey (2003). Later, in 2014, this director would also bet on making the film The Hobbit, based on Tolkien’s pre-saga book.

Summary of Lord of the Rings

Even though the story is divided into three books, basically this trilogy tells the adventure of the Fellowship of the Ring, to manage to take to the Single Ring to Orodruin, mountain of sparkling lava, located in the lands of Moldor, to make it Destroyed.

This community is made up of beings of the various races that inhabit Middle-earth. It then contains four hobbits: Frodo (protagonist of the story and bearer of the ring), Sam, Pippim and Merry; Legolas (an elf); Gimli (dentery); Gandalf (a magician) and Trancos (a dúnedain, a human subraza, and who will be discovered towards the end of history as Aragon, king of Middle-earth).

For its part, the One Ring, crafted for the dark lord, and who has the power to dominate the men and all beings of the Middle-earth, is lost, without anyone suspecting, which for years has belonged to two hobbits:

The first of them, Sméagol, who has been corrupted by this magical object, to become his shadow and his voice, being then known as Gollum; Likewise, the second guardian of the ring has been Bilbo Baggins, who has found him in the home of Sméagol, and who has been keeping it for years, without knowing his real power.

However, the Middle Ages has come to an end, and the wickedness of Saurom and the dark forces seek to take control of all existing races. For this he desperately seeks where to find the One Ring that allows him to master and destroy them. So the time has come to destroy it, to save the Earth. However, the ring must be destroyed in the same fire that has forged it, so it must be led to the fire of Orodruin.

The chosen one will be Frodo, nephew of Bilbo Baggins, and who must carry the ring, which every minute becomes heavier and difficult to wear, for his evil nature makes everyone want it, and succumb to his power. However, Frodo will not be alone, but will be guided from his home in La Shire to fulfill his destiny by his friends from the Fellowship of the Ring, through a journey through Middle-earth, which prepares for a definitive change of era.

Finally, despite the difficult mission, and after demonstrating his worth, Frodo, in the company of his inseparable friend Sam, manages to accomplish his task, and destroy the ring, saving the Middle Earth, to almost at the same time discover that the King of this has returned, to rule over it, and who is nothing more and nothing less than Trancos, who is actually called Aragon, son of Arathorn.

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Lord of the Rings summary
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September 22, 2019

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