Superheroes with useless superpowers

Definitely just as there are superheroes with powers that we would love to have like X-ray vision, flying, teleporting, or the strength of a Hulk, there are also others that are definitely absurd and useless and that we can find in several comics and cartoons.

Great powers wasted

For example, there’s no point in bouncing. But this is what one of the DC Comics characters attached to the Legion of Superheroes achieves and inflates like a ball, giving it some level of immunity to damage.

And what about the guy eats matter, another character in the legion of superheroes, and unless we’re incarcerated, it’s no greater use. Especially if you’re taken to jail, you can eat your bars and escape.

Of course, if none of these powers convince you, you can also rehearse to become stone, it’s useless unless you go to the city center to become a statue for almsto.

Now, if that doesn’t convince you, then you can change the color of things with the mega power of the color boy. For example, can you imagine being able to change the color of the facade of the house without buying paint or painting?

But in improvements to the house this is not all, because with the hand of the door man you can help visitors pass through you to the other side in a kind of teleportation.

And then you invite them to follow, but hopefully without the power of Thunderer, a superhero with the power to scream too loudly thanks to his suit with built-in microphone.

Finally, and in case the above wasn’t enough, we leave them a slightly macabre power: that of being able to rip off his arms. Of course, you can use your own arm as a deck with which to hit your opponent.

Which one did you like? What is the most useless of all? Let us know in the comments.

Superheroes with useless superpowers
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June 30, 2019

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