Surprising facts about the human body

Perhaps one of nature’s best designed and most sophisticated machines is the human body, which despite its fragility against other natural elements, is a true work of organic engineering, in which thousands of complex processes are carried out that allow life to be maintained and possible.

On this occasion we want to present a list of some curious facts about the human body, so that the reader can become aware of certain bodily events that by routine and daily stress sometimes go unnoticed. Here are some about the body:

Curiosities about human evolution

First, we will name one of the recent evolutionary facts that would make Charles Darwin happy, as they demonstrate how certain traits change from generation to generation.

This refers to how newborns now are born with their eyes open and are able to fix their eyes to the few days of birth, unlike their grandparents who were born with their eyes closed. It’s even such an on-site change that even the parents of the children born today were probably born with their eyes closed and took several days to open.

On growth

Following in the field of babies and evolution, we can tell you that another of the most curious data that has been detected about the human body refers to the total number of bones in it. In this sense doctors and researchers have been able to detect that when we are born we have a total of three hundred bones, which are fused later to form in adult life a total of only two hundred and six bones, that is, ninety-four bones less.

For its part the height is also affected, not only by the obvious fact that we grow, but because this can vary even during the same day. Just as you read it, if you happen to be unhappy with your stature, then we advise you to try to measure yourself during the morning, because curiously at that time we are an inch taller than in the afternoon.

According to the doctors, this curious fact is because in the morning the cartilaginous pads located between each vertebra don´t have the compression they experience in the afternoon, when you are an inch lower.

Curiosities about life expectancy

We also told you that Science has been able to achieve the goals of preserving life to the fullest. In this sense we mention that if there were no chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer or some heart conditions, paradoxically the product of that same scientific development, the average human life expectancy could be calculated in almost hundred years, to be exact in ninety-nine comma two years.

However, we tell you, that the above data will also depend on the hand with which you write, that is, if you are right-handed or left-handed, because according to what some statistical data reveals curiously it has been shown that the right-handed people live an average of nine years more than the surdas.

However, we also told you that no matter how hard you strive to achieve a long life, the statistics also state that only one in two thousand people manages to survive more than a hundred years, reaching cases of individuals who managed to celebrate their birthday number one hundred and sixteen.

About the resistance of the body

Likewise, despite its fragility, the human body has a considerable resistance rate. For example, according to scientists’ claims, a person is able to resist for up to a week without ingesting food, which is not the case with water, since within three days of not ingesting the vital liquid the organism begins to suffer damage that compromises its integrity , functioning and even your life.

Also some organs of the human body have the property of regenerating, or if they are surgically removed as the liver or meniscus, which regrow; or simply as a mechanism to keep functioning, such as the stomach that has the quality of regenerating its mucous layer, every two weeks, otherwise stomach acids would eventually digest it itself.

Other curious facts about the human body

Among other curiosities about the formation and functioning of the human body we have the following:

1.- As hard as you try you will never manage to sneeze with your eyes open, it is impossible.

2.- According to scientists the smarter people have higher concentrations of zinc in their hair.

3.- Apparently fingerprints are not the only ones in offering unrepeatable patterns in each individual, to the point of serving as an identification mechanism. Likewise, the dentures, ears and tongue have that property.

4.- The ears are the organs of the body that give the human the sense of orientation, when we cover him we lose this quality.

5.- Finally we mention to you that that cloud of dust that once in the mornings or in the evenings, when a ray of sun enters through the window of your room, is not dust that came from the street, but is actually composed almost entirely of dead cells that have been detached from our body, in its constant process of regeneration.

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Surprising facts about the human body
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September 18, 2019

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