Surprising uses of banana peel

Known for its great food properties and its high potassium content, banana, banana or cambur, it is valued in the Americas as a great food. However, hundreds of banana peels are wasted every day, without most knowing the surprising uses that can be given to this part of the banana.

Known for its great food properties and its high potassium content, banana, banana or cambur, it is valued in the Am...

Surprising uses of banana peel

In this article we will list only some of the amazing applications that can be given at home to banana peel, which will not only be useful in the preparation of other foods, but we can also use profitably in treatments cosmetics and even cleaning tasks.

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Here then seven surprising uses that you can give to the banana peel and that surely, in addition to generating great amazement, will be of great use to you:

To soften the meat

Sometimes, when it comes to cooking a stew, we find that the meat we have bought does not soften with the boil of water. One way to avoid unpleasant surprises when cooking this food, is to incorporate a banana peel into the cooking, which will help the meat to soften, in addition to providing a rich flavor to the preparation (which few will know how to identify) as well as vitamins and my nerals.

Even in some parts of Venezuela, a South American country, the green banana peel is cooked, and it is dismantled, adding a sauce based on tomato, garlic, onion and paprika, making with this a meat mechada for vegetarians, or for anyone who wants to try the great resemblance of this dish to meat.

To polish silver objects

Among other domestic applications that we can give to banana or banana peel is to use it to bring out the shine of our favorite silver objects.

To use it in this way, simply moisten the inner part with water and proceed to rub the object you want to polish. Then just pass a twipe of damp fabric to remove some organic excesses, and you can enjoy all the shine of your silver crockery or bracelet.

To shine your shoes

Likewise, among other household tasks, banana peel can be very useful when it comes to bringing shine to your favorite leather shoes. Although it may seem incredible, this element is an excellent substitute for bitumen, as is cucumber (more on Surprising Cucumber Uses).

To use it for this purpose, simply rub the inside of the banana peel firmly against the skin of your shoes. Soon a soft cloth little handcoat passes, in order to remove any kind of organic rest, and you will be able to attend gleaming to that important event that was almost interrupted by lack of bitumen, which – like the banana shell – also contains potassium, so the latter serves perfectly as one of its substitutes.

As an ingredient in compost

Once you’ve polished your silver crockery or made the shine out of those new shoes, you can still take advantage of the banana peel, using it as an element to start preparing a good compost or organic fertilizer (read more in Example of how to make organic fertilizer) ade more than allow mosquitoes and other insects to stay on edge, while preventing flowers from whisting quickly.

Against mosquito bites

If while doing some outdoor activity, you or your children suffered some stings of stilts or mosquitoes, don’t worry, an effective method to combat itching and inflammation of these lesions is to firmly rub the inside of the shell banana against the sting, so you can see how the discomfort immediately gives way.

To reduce facial wrinkles

Moreover, among the cosmetic uses that can be given to the banana peel is that of being an efficient combatant of those annoying wrinkles. According to some experts in alternative cosmetology the great content of antioxidants and vitamin C make it a very good ingredient to help decrease and reduce the marks that time has left on your face.

However, you should be aware that this is not something that happens overnight, but is a treatment that, despite being effective, needs consistency on the part of the user.

To whiten teeth

Banana peel can also be used to attenuate a little of those annoying stains that the consumption of coffee or cigarette has left on our teeth. To use it for this purpose you will need to simply have a ripe banana on hand. Once you have peeled the fruit, then rub the inside of the peel against your dentures until it is covered with a white layer.

Then brush your teeth like you would regularly. With this treatment you will achieve a significant reduction of dental stains, even though the effect is not as dramatic as that achieved with a professional treatment.

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