Surprising uses of the hair dryer

Perhaps one of the most popular appliances in the world of beauty and daily care are the dryers, those utensils that allow to obtain a hairy, shiny, manageable and molded in just a few minutes. However, even if there is almost no home where there is no such device, it is actually a recent invention, which, like so many others, emerged during the twentieth century.

Surprising uses of the hair dryer

Hairdryer: definition and history

In this sense, it wouldn´t be necessary to repair a brief moment in the technical definition of the hair dryer, which is basically conceived as an electromechanical device, whose main function is to expel hot or cold air, according to the user’s desire, in order to apply it directly to wet hair, making the water in it evaporate, to achieve dry, yet molded hair.

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With regard to the history of this artifact, the different sources agree to point out Alexandre Godefoy as its creator, adding that this beauty salon owner conceived his invention by making a vacuum cleaner – I invented a little earlier – begin to expel air, rather than sucking it in. By reversing the operation of the vacuum cleaner, he invented the electric dryer. It was the year 1890.

However, women in the industrialized Western world had to wait until 1920 for companies such as the Universal Motor Company, among others, to develop a portable electric dryer, which combined the inverted vacuum cleaner mechanism with the blender engine, causing much more powerful appliances.

Likewise, in the middle of the twentieth century these devices evolved, since their creators achieved dryers with different temperatures, more resistant materials, different sizes, etc. From there more and more homes have this important utensil, which makes the daily arrangement a much more practical and fast adventure.

Surprising uses of the hair dryer

However, when talking about the Hair Dryer, not only should you take into account its timely use of providing heat or cold to wet hair to dry it, since this utensil, according to different sources of Domestic Economy, can also be a great ally in some household chores, then counting on some surprising, and generally unknown uses, such as the following:

Bed warmer

One of the most constant complaints from those living in cold climates, or who must endure winter stages, is the low temperature that the sheets have when it comes to going to bed. However, this condition can have an end point if you have a hair dryer, because as some claim, it will be enough to unpack the bed and apply the hot air to the sheets for a few minutes. According to those who recommend this technique, the heat emitted by this appliance will be enough to offer a warm and cozy bed.

Filling inflatable mattresses

Another of the few known uses of the hair dryer is its ability to become an inflatable pump, and is that if this device is placed in the cold air function it can be used to quickly inflate elements such as inflatable mattresses, or even other elements such as inflatable boats, lifeguards, pilates balls, etc. Consequently, the story of having to wear down the lungs or manual force in making an inflatable play element take life will be part of the past, because if you have a dryer, inflating them will be a quick and creative experience.

Ironing clothes

Who has not been through the horror of being over time to go out to the office or an important appointment, and discover that the garment he was going to wear is full of wrinkles, because he has overlooked it.

However, if you have a hair dryer it is not necessary to waste more time assembling the ironing board and enlisting the iron, since according to different sources of Domestic Economy the solution can be as simple as placing the garment on the bed, turn on the dryer, and apply the hot air directly to the wrinkles, which will disappear, according to those who recommend it.

Likewise, some experts point out as to this method that it is best to put the press, hanging in a clothes hanger, to the bathroom where you will take a hot shower, so that the water vapour goes about doing its job of eliminating those annoying wrinkles, which can attack the image.

Warm clothing

Another condition of those who must inhabit cold places, or even icy seasons, is having to spend the cold experience of dressing, since the clothes are usually really icy in the mornings. However, this condition can become a matter of the past if you have a hairdryer at hand, since it should simply be placed in the hot air function, so that it can be used on the clothes and heated, before using it on the body. This method is especially ideal for underwear and stockings or socks.

Remove labels

People who like to recycle the containers that remain after consuming a food, sauce or drink, almost always face the terrible challenge of having to release the label from the surface, which does not always take off completely, or even when doing so leaves glue residue on the container, which does not come out even with water and soap. In this sense, some experts in domestic economy have warned that the hair dryer can be an excellent ally, since the heat emitted by it has the ability to soften the glue, facilitating the task of peeling it off.

Unwielding the mirror

Finally, among some of the amazing uses that a hair dryer can have is to be an excellent mirror defogger, which is really useful if after you have taken a hot shower, you want to use the reflection to continue with the Arrangement. In this way, it is enough to point the dryer, in a hot function, towards the mirror, to be able to see in it again a sharp reflection, a trick that will save important minutes in the daily care routine.


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