Surprising uses of toothpaste

The domestic tasks never seem to end, and if we add to this those caused by accidents or mischief by the little ones of the house, these become endless. In this sense, removing stains and odors seems to top the list of difficult tasks. Fortunately there are certain ingredients that can help you, although you don’t even suspect its existence.

As you read it, there are products that can help you remove that annoying stain or eliminate that terrible smell, and that until now you don’t know that it rests in your cupboard or in the bathroom cabinet. One of them is Dental Cream, also known as toothpaste. Here are some of the amazing household uses you can give to this element, beyond your family’s dental cleansing:

Remove stains from the carpet

You’ve certainly or have had an ugly, immortal stain on one of your favorite mats, which has taken you time and money to remove, to the point that you don’t want to go through that experience again. Don’t worry, as some experts in alternative cleaning say, toothpaste is the solution. Just add a little bit of your toothpaste and rub firmly, helping you with a strong bristle brush. Rinse immediately with a damp cloth, and be amazed by the results: goodbye stain.

Remove moisture stains from furniture

In the list of stains, one of the most feared by the housewives is the one that in circular or abstract form takes over the wood of our favorite table or shelf. However, they have an excellent ally when it comes to eliminating those ugly and unwanted stains: toothpaste.

Just add a toothpaste tip on a cloth cloth cloth and continue to rub firmly on the stain, then apply a little piece of furniture wax, and you’ll see the wood reveal all its shine again, without anyone remembering that annoying manc Has.

Remove crayon stripes and pencil from walls

One of the things that scariests a mom is finding a beautiful, giant drawing of her little one in the middle of a living room wall. However, the world’s mothers and fathers have an unconditional helper: toothpaste.

Once you’ve talked to your little one and agreed on the space where he can unleash his artistic talent, then proceed to grab a damp cloth, add a toothpaste point, and rub the surface. You and your child will be amazed at how quickly any pencil or crayon streak disappears.

Polishing metals

If you’re tired of that teapot looking opaque, or the iron being full of scratches, toothpaste may be a good choice for you. Just add some toothpaste on the surface to be polished, and with the help of a dry cloth rub for at least half an hour, then wipe the layer created with another clean cloth, and finish passing a clean little hand. You’ll see how bright the object you want to polish looks like.

Eliminate bad odors from the hands

One of the hardest things to remove is the smell of garlic or onion left in our hands, after preparing a delicious and seasoned meal. Those who have lived it know that no matter how much soap or creams you use, these aromas can last for hours attached to our skin.

However, toothpaste can be a great ally when it comes to freeing our hands from these smells that do not make us feel completely comfortable. For this you will only need to add toothpaste to your hands, and wash them with this, as if it were soap. You’ll see how quickly all the smell of food disappears from your hands.

Remove muds and pimples

You’re about to have a very important meeting or appointment, and just the night before you discover that you have a horrible shin on the tip of your nose or in the middle of your forehead. Don’t let this ruin your confidence, take a deep breath, go to the bathroom and add a minimum point of toothpaste on the lump.

According to the experts’ opinion, toothpaste has properties that will make the shin dry, becoming much more manageable. However, you should exercise caution, as this method may cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Relieve irritation from insect bites

It also often happens, especially when we go to open spaces, that we are victims of mosquito bites, which can become a real torment, due to the itching and inflammation they cause in our skin.

A good way to combat the discomfort caused by this bite is to add a little toothpaste on the affected part of the body. As noted on some web portals, this method will provide you with immediate relief, reducing stinging. However you should remember not to apply in quantity, and be aware that if you are very sensitive skin, it may irritate you, being worse the remedy than the disease.

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Surprising uses of toothpaste
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