Teacher lets herself touch in the middle of class

The school bullying has become, pitifully and sadly, common in our day. However, this bullying is most often carried between the same classmates, school or school, and rarely about teachers or managers.

A fact that baffled the world

But this is not the case in which a teacher was assaulted by her students. This was a case of school bullying, but this time about a teacher.

It happened at a school in Tacna, a city in southern Peru, in early 2013, where students so harassed their communications teacher that they began to touch her and ask her obscene questions.

The boys began recording with the cell phone part of the episode they perpetrated and, in the midst of it all, the teacher was rather intimidated by the attitude of the students and because there were several and had a rather hostile attitude.

The principal of the campus has preferred not to address the issue, but said that the teacher no longer works at the institution. It won’t be the first of these cases, as another case of bullying had already occurred in the United States where high school students beat up their teacher.

After an investigation by the school, the students involved were sanctioned. However, the question remains, what is happening to our boys? We have reached a point where even teachers are assaulted or intimidated by young people.

And the question has not only come to be assaulted by seeking to pass a note and not losing the subject matter, but, like the case of the professor Tacna, they get to make him a real bullying and go all the way to sexual assault.

Teacher lets herself touch in the middle of class
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July 27, 2019

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