Ten of Pentacles Tarot card meaning


Known as Ten of Pentacles, this card comes to occupy the tenth place of the Pentacles Suit of the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. On this occasion we want to present a synthesis on some of its symbolic features, as well as the general interpretations made of it by scholars of this divinatory method emerged in medieval Italy.

Based on the tarot Rider deck, in this card we can see a familiar scene, which seems to unfold in the arc of a Medieval city.

In it we can see in the foreground an old man, who seems to be entering the city without anyone repairing in his presence, except for two white dogs, in the background a man and a woman looking in different directions, while a little boy pulls the woman’s shirt , who the tarotists believe to be the infant’s mother.

On them, as falling from the sky, you can see ten gold coins, each with a pentacle minted on it, as a symbol of the Earth element.

According to the connoisseurs in symbology, the Ten of Pentacles represents family happiness, achieved thanks to the prosperity and stability achieved in all these years of struggle.

However, symbology specialists also see in the signs of this card a warning, for the consultant may be so accustomed to having a good position that he is even at risk of even seeing it as a blessing, and falling into boredom and Apathy. That is, losing the ability to enjoy the gifts that fall from the sky.

Similarly, there is a sense in the way the ten coins are arranged in the illustration of this chart. According to some symbol researchers, the Tarot Gold Ten coins – in the Tarot Rider version – are drawn in the likeness of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, being the only card of the entire tarot containing this figure.


As for the specific blueprints of existence, this card also has specific meanings. For example, at the work level, this card announces to the consultant the arrival of a highly paid employment opportunity, which will make him begin to live a stage of bonanza and material prosperity.

If on the contrary the consultant is unemployed, this card also announces the arrival of a great job opportunity that will take him out of the process of economic recession that lives.

Economically, the Nine of Pentacles also comes with very good messages, since it tells about the wealth, prosperity and economic solvency that the consultant has or will start counting on. Likewise this is the charter of inheritances, of what passes from parents to children, to give great material stability to the latter.

However, and that is why – as with all the other tarot cards – must be analyzed in context, because sometimes the appearance of the Ten of Pentacles comes to the consultant that his ability to produce money or the material wealth he possesses has reached the top , that is, you will not be able to generate more resources.

As for the emotional, this card talks about safety and happiness. However it also warns about the need to always see the person, beyond material goods and economic situations, not only because focusing on money causes the person to lose the ability to see what really matters in life , but because a constant view on the material leaves the psyche without the ability to perceive other energies, thus extinguishing our intuition and leaving us psychically helpless.

For the health level, the Ten of Pentacles also marks a very good omen, since it indicates good health, as well as the assurance that if something serious happens the person has and will have the necessary resources to attend any medical setback, without this leading to it be helpless. Likewise, as some tarotists indicate, he will also have the support of his family.

It is also important to note that in this card the meaning of economic well-being is totally linked to the family level.

If it appears inverted

Like each and every tarot card, the Ten of Pentacles doesn´t escape having a particular meaning if it comes to appear in reverse, that is, head. In this sense he loses all the positive traits he had when he was right, to take precisely those diametrically opposed.

In other words, this card warns us about economic problems, impossibility of achieving prosperity, losses in business, as well as accumulation of debts.

With regard to consultations where the question is aimed at clarifying legal processes of succession of assets, the presence of this card indicates that the judgment for some good or inheritance may become complicated.

Likewise, the Ten of Pentacles in the reverse position warns the consultant about labor problems to take seriously. Likewise this card may be pointing out storms in the family, which may be altering the order and even the stability of the home.

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Ten of Pentacles Tarot card meaning
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September 11, 2019

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