Ten of Swords Tarot card meaning


Named Ten of Swords, this card ranks tenth on the Sword of the Tarot Lesser Arcane suit. In this article we offer a summary of the general interpretations made of this card by the experts in this divinatory method that seems to have been created in medieval Italy.

Referring to the tarot rider’s deck, in this card we can see the figure of a man lying on the ground, whose body is pierced by ten Swords, as an unmistakable symbol of pain. However, from his wounds there is no blood, even though it is covered by a red cloth, which for some is the representation of it.

Likewise, no movement is noticed in this person that indicates any sign of life. In the background you can see a dark sky that seems to herald a strong storm. In short, it is one of the cards with the most grim meaning within the tarot, for its message of death and pain is inescapable.

However, most cartomantics are quick to point out that in the case of the Ten of Swords these are more invented problems than real, that is, they account for a consultant who has decided to suffer and take in his life an attitude of suffering, whose pains are more related to your imagination than to what really happens in your life.


As for the specific planes of existence, the appearance of the Ten of Swords also has concrete meanings. For example, in the workplace, this card speaks of the end of a process that has haunted us. However, this is not a happy ending, but it is the first step towards rebirth and new directions.

That is, this card speaks of a long process in which the consultant has been concerned or suffering from a specific situation, perhaps the fear of getting fired or the bankruptcy of his business. This card talks about these things happening, so the consultant goes through a great penalty – either for looking jobless or for seeing his business end.

However, you must think that the situation that haunted you is over, that which you feared has finally happened, and now all that remains is to look for new scenarios.

For its part, the economic side also heralds the end of processes that have kept us anxious. In this way the presence of the Ten of Swords may be talking about an embargo that eventually occurs, the cancellation of a credit card, or the freezing of a benefit.

However, as in the field of work, the appearance of this card indicates that finally the consultant will not live in fear of this happening, the torment is over, and now there is only left to cry for the lost and start moving towards what he promises us  that will bring better moments.

If the reading is instead focused on the love plane, the presence of the Ten of Swords may indicate that the consultant was involved in a romantic relationship that didn´t make him happy. This card may be talking about arguments, disappointments, pains, betrayals and even physical abuse in the couple, materialized in scenes of domestic violence.

The appearance of this card indicates the end of this relationship. In this way, however far away from the loved one mourns, the consultant has been able to leave that situation behind, or for his part life has taken care of moving him away from a relationship that could only bring him more pain.

What damaged him is over, and although at this moment the consultant feels a deep sadness that doesn´t allow him to see the future, he is on his way to a good solution.

In terms of health, the appearance of the Ten of Swords may be alerting you to serious back-level injuries, as well as muscle aches, which may require rest.

However, it is important to review this card in context, because it cannot be forgotten that this card also refers to those situations created by the mental plane of the person, so sometimes it may also be pointing us at those people hypochondriacs, who feel the constant need to create diseases and pains, in order to attract the attention of those around them.

Similarly, this card can talk about those consultants with some kind of addiction, in which case it makes references to the person finally touching bottom, and after this only remains to go up and recover, so a light of hope opens up in the recovery of the this person’s health.

If it appears inverted

Like each and every Tarot card, the Ten of Swords also has a specific meaning if it comes to appear inverted, in which case it does not have the halo of hope it has when it is right.

Thus this inverted card refers to the pain or concern that haunts the consultant even or is over, but on the contrary is in full swing, without the consultant seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The torment for which it becomes long and unbearable. Likewise, this card announces the responsibility of the consultant himself to begin to remove from his path and his life the Swords that hurt him.

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Ten of Swords Tarot card meaning
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September 18, 2019

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