Ten steps to quit smoking

One of the most difficult things that a person can face is the fact of leaving behind a habit that he has maintained for years, now if we add to it the addictive character that can generate a substance consumed on a regular basis, then we are facing a great challenge.

One of the most difficult things that a person can face is the fact of leaving behind a habit that he has maintained...

Ten steps to quit smoking

This could be the case for people who try to quit smoking, and who return hopelessly again and again to this vice that is highly harmful to the health, as well as to the health of those around it and the environment. Yet the will can achieve everything. That’s why this time we will put some tips and recommendations that can help those who are trying to quit the cigarette habit, in order to get this vice forever out of their lives.

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Here are ten gold tips that can lead you to a hundred percent smoke-free life, and full of health, clean air, pleasant smell in your clothes and zero insulation:

Make a deal with yourself

First of all, you should, as part of a deal and commitment to yourself, come up with an exact date to quit smoking. In important that you do not allow yourself to postpone it, because you must keep in mind that that day you have an appointment with your health. However, you should be careful not to fall into the “next Monday” vice, practiced by so many people in reference to diets.

On the contrary, it is advisable that you write down in your schedule the day and even the time when you will commit to yourself not to smoke anymore. In this sense, there are many people who choose on May 31, International No Smoking Day to start their process.

Awareness and containment

It is important not to lose sight that quitting smoking involves a process of rehabilitation and detoxification, because we are dealing with an addictive substance, so we must originate a containment group that helps us keep busy and away from cigarettes.

Also, if your role is to containment of someone trying to quit smoking you should be aware that that person will develop mood swings and even physical discomfort the first few days in what is deprived of the addictive nicotine that contain cigarettes.

Create another routine

As we mentioned at the beginning, smoking is not only composed of addiction to a substance, but also the person integrates this defect into his routine, that is, it makes it a habit, so an essential way to help you quit this vice is to create yourself or routine for your life, where it isn´t included, otherwise the sum of habits will make you miss the cigarette of four, or the one after the meal, or the one that is consumed before going to sleep, so it is not other to generate new customs, which will also help you re-educate your brain so that it does not miss this habit.

Take daily goals

Likewise, as with other rehabilitation methods, it is recommended that you adjust your thinking to a path that is counted “day by day”.

That is, your thinking towards your accomplishments or goals should always focus on “I won’t smoke today” or “I didn’t smoke today,” because thinking about “I’ll never do it again” can create pictures of anxiety that lead you back to relapse into vice.

You should also be aware that, even if you have not tried a cigarette for years, being addicted to a substance always makes you a little weaker before it, so there are people who after years of being away from this harmful vice, they return to it, so your thinking also cannot lead you to the self-deception of believing that you have given up “for ever smoking”, it is better to focus on thinking “one day at a time”.

Know the damage it does to you

There is no other research on the harmful effects of cigarettes. In this case try to put the emphasis on what can happen to your body if you continue to smoke, then have a mature conversation with yourself to see if this really is what you want or want for your life. Surely the instinct for preservation, as well as your desire for well-being will make you devise mechanisms that keep you away from this vice.

Set quarantines

Create quarantines and respect them. That is, if you have a friend you always smoke with, you’d better see them in places where they can’t. Also avoid the shops where you bought your cigarettes, the corners or cafes where you smoke. It’s also important to have identified what things your mind relates to cigarettes with, so as to avoid them.

For example, there are people who can’t drink coffee without smoking, if you’re one of them and you’re trying to quit, you should avoid coffee too for a while. Alcohol is also the case.

Have willpower

You should be aware that your brain and body in the absence of nicotine will create strategies, discomforts and smoking excuses.

It is here that you must gather your willpower, and be aware that in those moments – even if it is clear to us –your mind will play with you, trying to bring you to relapse. Don’t do it, think that re-smoking is to put aside the path that has led you to that moment. And that relapses are always harder to overcome.

Play sport

So you should also start an exercise routine, which keeps your mind busy every day with new physical challenges. Staying active will also allow you to feel better physically and positively reinforce the rehabilitation process you’re immersed in.

Drink fluids

Stay hydrated, as consuming enough fluid keeps your body in a relaxed state that will prevent some tensions from triggering the urge to smoke. Just as be careful what you eat, some people tend to combat the anxiety of quitting by eating, so quitting this habit results in weight gain, which is why it’s good to follow advice number eight.

Stay away from cigarettes

Don’t buy cigarettes, or keep them in your wallet just in case. There are people who while quitting smoke have a habit of holding a cigarette off in their mouths. However, experts advise removing any object that reminds us of this vice.

That is, disappear from your environment boxes of cigars, lighters, ashtrays, etc. Finally it is good that you mentalize and know that in this way of quitting smoking the first fortnight are always the most difficult, once you overcome the anxiety will go downhill, helping you to achieve your goal of leaving behind this harmful and annoying habit.

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