The 3 most shocking cases of reincarnation in the world

The issue of reincarnation remains controversial today and has both votes for and against and, although from science and Western philosophy there has been no substantive confirmation, many still defend it and even present cases that They challenge science.

Something beyond belief

In this article we will see three of the most recognized and shocking cases of reincarnation in the world. Of course, they are not the only ones, and outside of them there are hundreds that are also quite amazing and that have perplexed those who have witnessed them.

The first one is Cameron Macaulay. It all began when her mother, Norma, noticed that her little son related certain stories that did not seem to come from the mind of a child of that age, but also that someone had told them, because of the naturalness of his expression. He told how his parents and siblings died of their past existence. The child became a focus of attention for large documentary media worldwide.

The second case is that of a Hindu girl, registered by Discovery Channel. The little girl could remember all the details of her previous existence, especially how she was murdered by her husband, in the same neighborhood where she currently lives, to stay with her lover. It was so shocking the case, that as the alleged murderers were still living, the parents of the girl when listening to her, managed to locate with the authorities the house of those responsible.

And the third case is that of Munna, a small six-year-old in 1951, who was kidnapped and murdered by two subjects. But six months later, he returned to the body of another child, the son of Sri Babu Ram Gupta. When he was four years old, he fully recognized his previous parents and he embraced his first mother in a very emotional encounter.


The 3 most shocking cases of reincarnation in the world
Source: curiosities  
June 1, 2019

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