The 32-year-old woman who woke up 15 years in the past

For many people age is an obsession and they would like to fight the passage of time, maintaining a certain age or even returning to an earlier era. And this did, in his own way, Naomi Jacobs, a 32-year-old woman from Manchester, in England, who overnight ended up becoming a girl.

Another phenomenon of time that disconvinces the world

One of so many nights, while 2008, Naomi left for her room for the purpose of sleeping. And it all happened normally until the next morning, because when she awoke, she had lost the memories of the last 17 years and only remembered the events that had happened until she was the age of 15.

Indeed, Naomi had just suffered a severe case of temporary amnesia, which erased all memories of her adulthood. In her own way, the 32-year-old woman had become only a 15-year-old girl, and her behavior and thinking were the same as when she was that age.

But more great was his surprise when he discovered that he had an 11-year-old son who bore his surname and that he bore an undeniable resemblance to her. The woman knew that something had happened with her memory because one way or another she managed to remember some contact phones and even, she knew how to drive, something she had not learned at her age of 15.

Fortunately for women her condition was a transient global amnesia and with therapy and help from her relatives she managed to recover her memory gradually and her life was normalized after two months. Naomi stated that she wouldn´t like to be at a 15-year-old again, at least not that way.

The 32-year-old woman who woke up 15 years in the past
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August 14, 2019

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