The actor with the most tragic life in the world

There is a person who is definitely born with a tragic fate and who suffers from various cruel situations. And in this it does not matter neither fame nor name nor educational training, etc. For more reason let us remember Frida Kahlo and her terrible sufferings. For on this occasion we bring the story of Keanu Reeves who, although it has not been as as as roast as Kahlo’s, is considered to be the actor with the most tragic life. Let´s See.

Keanu Reeves, el actor con la vida mas tragica

The protagonist of the film The Matrix

Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut on September 2, 1964, one of the most famous actors in cinema and one of the best known actors in the world thanks to the lead role he made for the film Mátrix, as well as other important films such as Constantin or The House of the Lake. However, not many wish to be in their shoes because he is regarded by many as the actor with the most tragic life.

His childhood was not very fortunate and his father abandoned him being very young He also had to live the divorce of his mother who, in order to support his children, worked as a stripper. Keanu had several stepparents who despised him. On the other hand his younger sister suffered from Leukemia and, although he managed to overcome, marked the actor’s life. But this is not all, his best friend died from an overdose in 1993 and, in the same year, his father was taken to prison for narcotics trafficking.

But this would only be the beginning of his tragedy because when he was expecting his first child, he received the news that his girlfriend had lost him. This plunged Keanu into a deep depression that would deepen just two years later when his girlfriend Jennifer died instantly in a terrible car accident. Right now it’s common to see Keanu on the streets, looking rather sloppy. He even went so long as to claim that he does not need happiness to live. An austere life arrives and is one of the few actors who has no home of his own and who travels by bus or walk.

The actor with the most tragic life in the world
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June 30, 2019

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