The aloe properties

There is a plant that in recent decades has been taking over the gardens and pots of all the houses in the world, where it is planted in order to have it nearby and to be able to take advantage of all its medicinal properties: the abyl, also known as aloe vera.

Miraculous crystals

Originally from Africa, this xerophilic plant came to stay, and is that its wise or crystals have become a real revolution in the field of alternative or naturist medicine. This time we will share some of the most common uses that this plant gives in the treatment of some skin and internal ailments. However, it is not worth noting that the use of the aloe cannot in any way replace or contradict the diagnosis and treatment designated by a doctor. Also, you should consult with a medical professional before deciding to use it. The most common uses are below:

1) Thanks to its moisturizing and watering properties, the aloe is usually used as a companion of beauty treatments, so it is used to nourish the skin of our faces. However, before using it, consult your trusted doctor to make sure you are really tolerant of this plant.

2) The aloe also has healing properties, making it an ideal choice for the treatment of small wounds or skin lesions. However, it is recommended that you always consult with your doctor for any wounds that involve severity. Also, before applying the aloe to a small wound be sure to disinfect the area to be treated, and to provide the injury with the greatest hygienic conditions.

3) Its analgesic and soothing properties also make the aloe the ideal option to be applied to the skin in case of sunstroke or sunburn, as well as other types of burns. However, given the severity of these, it is better to go to the doctor, since the property indicated here is only an intervener.

4) Once you’re sure it’s not severe or doesn’t involve a severe allergic picture, you can use the aloe to treat some insect bites. Also, in case of allergies, once you’ve seen your doctor, you can use aloe to help reduce the skin symptoms of the reaction.

5) Likewise, aloe vera or aabila has deinflammatory properties so its use is recommended to treat pimples, muds and acne. Although scientific studies have proven that acne is mainly food-loaded, it is not other than providing the skin with a hygienic and balanced environment, for this it will suffice to implement in your cosmetic routine the use of masks based on the aloe vera wise, in order to implement all its deflaming, regenerating and moisturizing power to your skin.

6) Likewise, it is recommended to use aloe through creams, lotions or masks (which can be prepared homemade) for hair care, being recommended even to treat dandruff.

7) Similarly, its important B-complex vitamin content makes the aloe not only recommended for cosmetic and external use, but some specialists in naturopathic medicine recommend their intake, in the form of juice, in order to regulate the transit improve the digestive process, so it is advised against pictures of constipation.

So it can also improve other gastrointestinal pictures. However, taking it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or looking to be in a state, as the aloe can lead to spasms or uterine contractions that could lead to an abortion or advance of childbirth. It is also not recommended to take it during the breastfeeding process, as it could pass into breast milk, and its safety hasn´t yet been proven in the newborn.

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The aloe properties
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August 25, 2019

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