The BBC reported the WTC crash 20 minutes before it happened

To conspiracy lovers surely this item comes as a ring to the finger. This is a known event that occurred on September 11, 2001, when the twin towers fell moments after being hit by a plane each, leaving thousands of fatalities.

A global hoax

So far it’s all normal and it’s part of the known story. However, the most curious thing was apparently some media outlets already knew what was going to happen or was it a terrible coincidence?

Interestingly, in the World Trade Center bombing on 11 September 2001, the fall of Tower 7 was first recorded in a journalistic manner, by the BBC, but 20 minutes before this happened. It was Jane Standley, a reporter for this media outlet, who announced the collapse of the Twin Towers, exactly 23 minutes before the event took place.

What Standley and his team didn’t notice was that Tower 7, Salomon Brother, was still on the screen while they were breaking the news of the final collapse of this building.

Undoubtedly a very strange event that involves many questions. Was it a fluke? It is highly unlikely that a reporter will invent a news story out of nowhere, by chance, at least not of this style and live and live – although we do not say that it is impossible.

A mystery that only the people of the BBC could help us to shed light, however, something about which they have not spoken out, yet they have already lost a lawsuit against a man who managed to prove that they had issued misleading information.

And what do you think? What could have happened in this case?

The BBC reported the WTC crash 20 minutes before it happened
Source: curiosities  
July 20, 2019

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