The dead can now live again in the shape of a tree

Believe it or not, there is now a new funeral method that allows people who have passed away to somehow come back to life but in the form of trees.

An ecological way contrary to the traditional

Due to the large number of corpses that multiply daily, many visionaries have designed alternative ways to mitigate this problem. Sacred forests are one of these recursive inventions.

These forests consist of a biodegradable system, which transforms the remains of the deceased into nutrients and special fertilizers for a tree to flower and grow large and strong.

Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, are the authors of this idea that is attracting attention around the world. The project itself has been called “La Capsula Mundi”, where the occiso is buried in the fetal position, inside a bioenergy capsule linked to a tree or also, adheres to a seed that is sown on the capsule.

Regardless of the various religions professed by people of different nationalities, as soon as they learn about this project, they would immediately like to be buried in their own particular way.

Thus, there would no longer be cemeteries full of crosses and tombstones, but a large natural and organic forest, with a sacred atmosphere, which people can visit in an ecological and spiritual way.

This idea also allows to reduce the felling of trees, for the achievement of wood, raw material of coffins and urns and in addition, it will scare away the hardened and massive fellers, because it is an essential cemetery.

In Colombia, a similar project is being carried out in a municipality called Guasca, in The Department of Cundinamarca. There, the “Ash Forest” is developed, which consists of the ashes of thousands of people will be converted into fertilizers to plant thousands of trees. Many believe this is a way to come back to life, but in the form of a tree.

The dead can now live again in the shape of a tree
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July 28, 2019

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