The Dragon Triangle or Devil’s Sea

Much has been said about the famous Bermuda Triangle; however, there is a place not so popularly known, but much more fearsome: it is the “Dragon Triangle”, located in Japan and like the Bermuda Triangle, this one also forms a triangle by a line that forms it, from the north of Tokyo, up to a certain point in the Pacific Ocean, returning by the east and crossing the Ogasawara Islands and Guam, where finally it goes up again to Tokyo. A perfect triangle, quite energetic and very enigmatic.

It is also known as “The Devil’s Sea” and thousands of years ago, the Japanese knew about this mysterious place. They have named it Ma-no-Umi. Many fishing boats from the surrounding area claim that several of them have been brutally murdered by sea demons and diabolic dragons that come up from the bottom of the sea and devour whole boats.

This area has been catalogued as one of the most seismic areas of the planet, since the sea bed is constantly renewing itself. It is so surprising that geologists say that islets and land masses emerge and disappear long before any mapping can be done.

There are countless cases of mass disappearances in the Devil’s Sea, or Dragon Triangle, mainly ships of the navy of various nations, who have tried to explore and investigate the mystery, but have never returned.

The various studies that have been obtained, show a high level of magnetism, too similar to the Bermuda Triangle and superior to any other area of the Earth. Several very ancient Japanese legends assure that under the Sea of the Devil, there exists a kingdom where time is detained and demons and dragons live and go out to devour islands, airplanes and ships, to later disappear in that strange submerged world.


The Dragon Triangle or Devil’s Sea
Source: curiosities  
April 1, 2020

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