The driest place on the planet

During the last decade, the Yungay region, in Chile’s Atacama Desert, was considered the driest place on the planet. But thanks to new measurements and research, it was found that María Elena Sur is now the driest area on the planet.

María Elena Sur, better known as MES, is a town located in Antofagasta and also in the Atacama Desert.

This discovery was made thanks to a team of scientists from the Blue Marble Institute for Space Science in Seattle, USA, who claim that the driest site on Earth had an atmospheric relative humidity of 17.3% and relative soil humidity, with a constant of 14% to one meter deep.

Its relationship with the Red Planet

Interestingly and interestingly, the relative humidity value of the soil is the same as that of Rover Curiosity, a space mission commanded by a NASA-led mobile exploration astro, which was launched on November 26, 2011 and landed on Mars, in Gale Crater on August 6, 2012, which found that the red planet resembles the planet’s driest place on the planet on a large scale, because of its conditions.

Difference between dry and hot

The driest place has nothing to do with the hottest place, as the Valley of Death located in the United States was listed as the hottest place on the planet, thanks to the intense heat wave that was presented in 2013, whose consequences devastated the place and convir they hit that area in the hottest, recording a temperature of 56.7 degrees Celsius.

Several questions and questions have arisen, following the discovery of this place and its characteristics. One of them is that if that site is similar to Mars and life exists, will there be a chance that it exists on the red planet as well?

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The driest place on the planet
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August 28, 2019

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