The five most beautiful places in Spain

Spain has many beautiful places to know and if you have the opportunity to travel through the Iberian country, you can not miss these five spectacular sites:

Lots of tourists come to these places

The first of these is the Meandro de Melero, which is located in the region of The Hurdes, exactly in Extremadura. There, the Alagón River marks a wonderful and very pronounced curve, leaving practically an island in the center, full of trees in the middle. In this area, there is a great viewpoint called The Antigua, where you can appreciate the landscape from a general and sublime panorama.

Another magical and extremely beautiful site is The Mirror Lake, located in the community of Calatayud in Zaragoza. There, an impetuous mountain of fantastic stones with very beautiful waterfalls of approximately 50 meters high, constitute one of the best landscapes in Spain. It is called Mirror Lake because its waters are too crystal clear.

The Teide National Park, located in the highest part of the island of Tenerife, is another of the exclusive Spanish places. The view from above is too inspiring, especially for the scenery that the starry sky offers on clear nights.

Undoubtedly, Valles Pasiegos, in Cantabria, make Spain very rich in green and natural areas, but also with a great beauty. Precisely, this is one of the greenest places in the whole country. Its name is derived from the name they gave to the ranchers of the place: pasiegos, who are very few people who reside there.

Cliffs, fantastic grottos and adventure bridges, you can find them in one place, called: the Route of the Cares River, but to be able to tour the whole place, you must be a professional mountaineer. The Cares River Gorge is a very famous and attractive trail, especially for those fans of adventure and extreme sport in the heights.

Actually, there are dozens and dozens of beautiful places in this country of the Iberian Peninsula, with a captivating beauty, such as ancestral and historical villages, cities with masterful architecture, enchanted beaches, sublime mountains and much more.

The five most beautiful places in Spain
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July 20, 2019

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