The giants of the Bible, aliens, angels, men?

The Jews have no mythology of their own and always worship a unique God: Yahweh, to which they never attributed a wife or children. In the old testament the qualifier sons of God was always applied to the servants of Yahweh, who in turn were the messengers and could possibly refer to the angels.

Mysteries still undiscovered

There is an apocryphal text entitled “The Cavern of Treasures” and translated into Spanish by Andreas Faber-Kaiser, a man born in Barcelona and with German nationality, who was an important ufologist and an expert in all the sense of the word, with everything related with the search for mysteries, of life, of the origin of the species and lost civilizations.

Faber traveled around the world in search of answers and published a version of the origin of “the children of God,” which claims that they are supposedly human beings of a different lineage, created by Satan.

Thanks to these translations and these investigations, it could be assumed that in the old way there was a human race with extraordinary height and astonishing capabilities, which wasn´t well seen by Yahweh, who decided to exterminate her. These beings were the result of the cohabitation of the “sons of the gods” with “the daughters of men”.

Citing a biblical passage: “At that time there were giants on earth: for after the sons of God were united with the daughters of men and they conceived, these valiant men of the ancient time came to light” (Genesis 6: 4-5).

There are scholars of the subject who claim that giants could well be the result of a genetic cross with aliens. This isn´t known, but what is absolutely true is that there are ancient texts that confirm their passage on this planet.

And not only the Bible refers to these strange beings: Greek mythology, Norse mythology, even in pre-Hispanic peoples, have also taken center stage these beings, which are sometimes described as beautiful beings and in others as beings terribly terrifying.

In most mythologies, the struggle between giants and divine power is confirmed.


The giants of the Bible, aliens, angels, men?
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September 30, 2019

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