The groom canceled the marriage and she went for a run

Every woman’s natural reaction when, for some reason, her boyfriend cancels the wedding is desoling and, on some occasions, they only rush out into their bedroom where no one speaks to them for any period.

And no different thing did Kilee Manulak, a Florida-born woman, when her boyfriend decided to cancel the marriage, though she did it her way. The woman had been dating for two years, so they decided to marry. And everything was going well so far and Kilee went forward excited about the wedding preparations and had even chosen the wedding dress.

Cancelled wedding with a text message

However, with only a week to go to the wedding, the woman received a text message from her boyfriend in which she simply told her that she no longer wanted to marry her. Faced with the situation, the woman became shocked, but managed to recover soon and made an unprecedented decision.

An unusual marathon

In those days there was a marathon in which the participants had to run dressed in white for the spectators to throw colorful paint in order to ruin their dresses and Kilee thought it was a good idea and he signed up for the race, put on her wedding dress and ran through the streets dressed as a bride in the best style of Mary Jane Watson when she decides to cancel her engagement to go find the man of her dreams.

However, for Kilee there was no man of her dreams and as she ran the spectators threw paint and dust at her wedding dress. After the race the woman was happy and stated that she knew nothing about her boyfriend, but that she wished her all the best. Without a doubt, a peculiar ending for a wedding dress.

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The groom canceled the marriage and she went for a run
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September 18, 2019

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