The healing properties of parsley

For millennia humans have known and managed the properties of medicinal plants. However, since the mid-20th century these were replaced by drugs made in laboratories, due to the rapid and efficient quality of these. In the last two decades, however, society has turned its sight sits again on the healing power of plants.

A prodigious plant

Although great care should be taken with the intake of healing herbs, and of course never dismiss the fact of going to the doctor and undergoing the medical treatment recommended by the doctor, there is no other to incorporate into our diet certain plants, frequently used in the culinary art.

An example of this type of plant, common in our kitchens, and whose intake can bring us great benefits is parsley, which according to some plant specialists, has great properties beneficial to human health.

Here are the benefits of consuming parsley:

a) This plant has diuretic properties, so it is recommended to combat fluid retention and obesity. However, renal patients cannot consume it without the proper authorization of their doctor, as parsley can also lead to the appearance of kidney stones.

b) Likewise, this plant has de-inflammatory qualities that come to alleviate a little the ailments of patients with rheumatism.

c) Parsley also has great anti-flatulent properties, so its intake can help gas ejection and removal. It can also increase appetite.

d) It is a recognized antioxidant, which combats the aging process of our cells. Similarly, botanical experts claim that this plant fights free radicals, thus helping to fight cancer.

e) According to the specialists, parsley is a rich source of calcium, iron, sulfur, phosphorus and vitamin C, so its consumption increases the immune system, also serving as a natural antibiotic.

g) It also has antispasmodic properties, so some plant specialists advise to drink a parsley tea during menstruation, in order to attenuate the colic caused during this period.

f) Its supply of minerals and vitamins can lead to the strengthening of nails and hair.

g) It is also a great ally of natural aesthetic treatments, for its toning properties.

h) Parsley is also known for its benefits to circulation, leading to vasodilation.

However, like other products and plants, it should not be over-consumed, as like all herbs, prolonged and abundant consumption can cause side effects. Likewise parsley is contraindicated for renal patients, as well as for women who are in search of pregnancy or in the process of gestation, as this plant has abortive properties.

It should also be borne in mind that despite the great benefits indicated by the botanists, the intake of this plant at no time can and should not replace the medical opinion or the treatment indicated.

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The healing properties of parsley
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August 22, 2019

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