The hollow earth theory

Although at first glance this statement may seem misplaced, this phenomenon has become popular in recent years with the belief that the earth is hollow and that there are infra-terrestrial civilizations living beneath our feet.

The hollow earth theory

There would be huge caverns and tunnels beneath the earth

The main proponents of this stance deny the existence of the ground poles and claim that these theories are backed by the most influential rulers to keep it secret.

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On planet Earth there are caves and tunnels that could enter the bowels of the earth but dont reach very close to civilizations that supposedly live many millions of kilometers below the ground we tread.

Felix Baltanás a scientist who specialized in the subject could deduce that inside the earth floats a sun that gives life to an inner planet and also ensures that the tectonic plates move because that internal civilization of the planet is in constant crecim I’m slobs.

Felix assures that there are several conspiracies with regard to the subject, because in the center of the openings of each pole there is no gravity and this could cause the sinking of the sea and then exiting by the other opening, which proves that the earth is hollow, and for Felix the main conspirators are NASA, Google Earth, the Illuminati and all the teachers and physicists who inhabit this planet earth.

The most striking physical evidence on this theory is based on oil exploration of a super deep well in Kola Siberia which is 12.3 km which consists of 0.1% of the diameter of the earth.

Jules Verne is perhaps the author most associated with this theory since there is a well-known work that is titled travel to the center of the earth. And it basically narrates the journeys of adventurers who go on an intraterrestrial expedition that begins from Iceland to reach Sicily.

Scholars of the subject agree that extraterrestrial beings know about this phenomenon and that in a way they help humanity to realize what is going on under their feet.

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