The horrendous and sad story of Joan the Mad

This is the sad story of Joan of Aragon and Castile, daughter of Catholic royalty, but as a result of desperately watching over her husband, for 19 consecutive years, the people nicknamed her “Joan the Mad”

She never allowed sunlight to illuminate her, but her beauty and intelligence always prevailed; music was even one of his greatest virtues. Her flamboyant and eccentric madness came from a tragic love story.

A convenient and tortuous marriage

Joan was the heiress of the Court of Castile and for that reason, her parents forced her to marry the heir of the court of Germany, Prince I of Castile, son of Maximilian I. the wedding was held in the year 1496.

Although the marriage was arranged conveniently, both fell in love lost from the first moment they saw each other. But as time went on, Joan felt that Philip wasn´t faithful to her. And indeed, her husband liked to flirt with every high-tech maid, with which she met.

There began the tragedy of this beautiful princess, discovering the debauchery and adultery of her husband. The thing reached such a level that by blowing up one of her husband’s beautiful lovers, she had her killed tortuously. And in the midst of all these bloody passionate scenes, the son of the couple was born, who in the future would become King Charles V of the German country.

He rejected power and happiness, in exchange for suffering

The members of the royal family gradually died and the crown eventually belonged to Joan, but she renounced that privilege since she only wanted to dedicate herself to loving and crying for her husband. In 1507 Philip reportedly died in suspicious circumstances, as Joan’s father has been deemed to have murdered him for making his daughter suffer.

But shortly after her husband’s burial, Joan desperately entered the monastery where Philip’s remains lay, stole the mortuary drawer with full body and hugged the coffin wandered through villages and fields. The spectacle offered to those who observed such a situation was macabre. Thus time passed and when Joan was 75, she died in the most extreme loneliness and deep melancholy.

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The horrendous and sad story of Joan the Mad
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August 25, 2019

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