The human-faced dog

We have always heard that the dog is the best friend of the human being, and surely that in many times it is in the most literal sense. However, human beings are not always the best friend of dogs or other animals, and doesn´t hesitate in the time of sacrificing them.

A very funny phenomenon

And the case goes so far that a dog can get hit only by its physical condition, by its appearance. On this occasion we see a case of animal abuse in which it was sufficient that the animal had a slight resemblance to human physiognomy.

The case was released in early 2013 in Kentucky, USA, when an animal shelter entity saved the animal from certain death when it was reportedly found in a slaughterhouse. The dog, two years old, was abandoned by its owners, apparently because of the peculiar characteristics of its face, which are quite similar to those of a human being.

After rescuing Tonik, the name with which he was baptized, a call was opened to give him up for adoption for the sum of $250. One of the mechanisms used was through the page, a website specialized in the adoption of animals

One of the conditions required for those who wish to adopt it is that there were no children in the house because the animal doesn´t seem to have socialized much and requires a quiet environment, although those who have interacted with the animal manifest that it is a loving dog.

Tonik had been abandoned in Indiana, but had reached Kentucky. The dog, which is a mixture between Poddle and Shin Tzu, caused quite a stir on social media and, although there has been no more news of the friendly canine, all indications that it was adopted.

The human-faced dog
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July 27, 2019

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