The humorous mornings (new version)

The mornings are a classic of music when it comes to congratulating someone who is celebrating his birthday, almost as well known as the traditional birthday song.

A novel way to wish happy birthday

Additionally on the internet all sorts of variants have been created that, by modifying the original version -both the lyrics and the music- try to recreate a jocular and funny version for the more birds that would like to dedicate one of such versions.

In this article we are going to leave one of those versions, that has captivated us for being short and having a humor, at the same time joking as black.

It is a fun and funny version in which the original song and lyrics are parodied and whose link you can find at the end of this article.

And this is the letter, if you’re interested in sticking it on your wall or anywhere else (with as much scabbard as there is today).

These are the sung
who hated Don David
because it got older
and he would die.

Wake up, do not sleep so much
get up to wash,
and if you thought we did something
you went wrong.

How beautiful are your dark circles
and the chicken legs,
How beautiful are all your gray hair
and how beautiful your belly.

On the day of your saint
there are no gifts, there are no candles,
just this song
what I wrote to my grandmother.

And here the video:

We hope you liked it. Surely he or she will also like it and it will be a nice detail on the date of his birthday that leaves the traditional postcards and cliché phrases.

To share it, copy and paste the link below on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Link video: the funny mornings

It is, in effect, as the name says, a new version that has begun to circulate on YouTube. I hope you like it. Of course, everyone can compose a new version, so we encourage you to take inspiration and leave it in the comments.

The humorous mornings (new version)
Source: curiosities  
June 30, 2019

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