The incredible cases of horned humans

The human body has unthinkable things. This time, and as out of a creepy horror film these people have developed real horns on their heads and sometimes on their limbs.

They look like they’re out of hell

In Chinese a grandmother named Granny Zhao made sure that he got a horn 14 cm long on the left side of his forehead, the scientific community was very impressed by this event, and there is an old Chinese legend that attributes these malformations to demons , and is that in China these cases are very common because this grandmother is not the only person who has met with this strange horn on her forehead.

The most accurate explanation for this horrible phenomenon is “skin keratinization” and this can occur for a variety of reasons, such as viral warts, carcinoma and other skin cancer pathologies. They are usually malignant tumors.

These carcinomas are not only born on the head or crown but can also come out in the hands or feet, it is very curious to see these horns on the head because they look like demonic objects but in the background have nothing to do with demons.

The most famous case was that of “Pablo Rodríguez”, a Mexican who, in a very particular way, had in his head a striking horn of 36 cms along, fragmented into three branches; he was famous because he seemed to look like a being out of the underdimensions, which brought him momentary fame until they had to remove it.

Lin Wen Teli is a man of Chinese origin who also had the experience of seeing a horn grow from the base of his skull. Saleh Talib Saleh developed a horn on his head when he turned 78.

Throughout the globe, there are cases of cuckold humans, but it seems that in Asia it seems that people are more vulnerable to this phenomenon, either by genetics or by other external factors that lead to the development of this interesting and curious carcinoma in the Face.

The incredible cases of horned humans
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July 31, 2019

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