The longest distance in tightrope with heels

The book of the Ginness Record gives for all kinds of rarities, and one of them is to make the longest ride on a tightrope. Of course, so far all normal, what happens is that it’s with heels.

Extreme pirouettes

One of the stunts that almost no one would be willing to do is to cross a tightrope, at a considerable height and if that were not enough, with heels. But Chelsea McGuffin, in Sydney Australia, dared to pass a tightrope of a 7.2-metre measurement, wearing heels whose tip was more than 12 centimetres. The height of the rope was not at all short, but was 2.42 meters from the floor.

This kind of stunt originated in Nebraska, with the name Funampise and it is about a subject walking on a rope between two points, some acrobats use some kind of tool to maintain balance, such as holding a rod, or also freehand, with only your body and arms to stay balanced.

In most tightrope shows, what is most appreciated is the manipulation of elements, dances and movements in the rope, as well as varied methods of acrobatics in the same tight wire, along with objects such as hats, rings, poles and rods for lean ingende on balance.

The secret of acrobats lies in locating their center of mass, essentially on their support base, which means that the greater amount of weight is sustained by their arms, legs or any other part of the body that is being used to support itself.

In the case of being on the floor, with the feet together, the lateral direction is wide, but very narrow the sagittal direction. When it comes to stunts at important heights, the feet of ben go parallel, that is, one facing the other and the ankle is the one that plays the function of pivot point.

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The longest distance in tightrope with heels
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July 20, 2019

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