The longest-eared man in the world

This is Radhakant Bajpai, a 55-year-old Indian-born man, and was listed by The Guinness Records as the man with the longest ear hair in the world, measuring 13.2 cm.

A rarity among humans

It has had this particular recognition since 2005. Radhakant claims that he started to grow his ear hair to win the world record, but at the time he decided to participate his hair was only 5 cm and thanks to the advice of his relatives and special care, he was able to return two years later to finally , keep the curious title.

It is well known that the Guinness Records book is characterized by including in its publications many extravagances and unusual situations, phenomenal people and also things like houses, cars, motorcycles, etc.

Radhakant is very proud of his title, as he is the only person who has registered to obtain it. His relatives and neighbors are also very proud of him and live in a place far removed from the thundering cities, where a minute of fame is worth more than all the gold in the world.

Of course this humble peasant is mocked for his appearance, and most people are disgusted or made strange to see so much hair on his ears, but he very proudly replies that it is to keep the world record that he was granted since 2005  and that it still retains.

Your ears deserve a ritual of care and cleanliness. His favorite place to do so is on the premises of a great friend of his and a well-known barber of the city, where he currently lives. And it is not for nothing, because he has befriended him because he has been visiting it almost every day for years, and is largely responsible for the hair having grown so abundantly and healthily.

The longest-eared man in the world
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July 20, 2019

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