The longest movie in history

The world of cinema gives everything, from the eccentric to the most normal, from comedy to horror, from short films to long films in which three or four hours is something that decisively breaks the pattern to become a film long.

La pelicula mas larga de la historia, filme, rodaje, movie

A film that was worth its duration

Surely if you ask us about long films, we thought about filming like Gone with the Wind, Schindler’s list or even The Lord of the Rings.

However, the longest film in history goes far beyond this and, with a duration of 87 hours, that is, more than three and a half days, is something epic that perhaps no film director will want to match, nor no person see. The best of all is that it has a title that fits like a glove.

The film, which is entitled Treatment Against Insomnia, shows a unique sequence in which the poet Lee Groban is dedicated to reading all the time a poem of his authorship of almost 500 pages. The film has only been filmed once in full and was the day of its release, in 1987.

Its director John Henry Timmis IV, perhaps with the intention of “liven up” the film used fragments of films for adults and fragments of heavy metal music, which are the only thing that cuts the parsimony and the overwhelming tedium that moves by such a film.

Released in 1987, starring poet Lee Groban, Treatment Against Insomnia is the longest film ever shot to date.

Surely it is a good treatment against insomnia that everyone who can not fall asleep should try. If it works, they will have saved a probable long and expensive treatment, just by watching a movie and will be absolutely grateful to Groban’s poem and with which he had the brilliant and unparalleled idea of ​​making such a movie, never conceived by another mind.

The longest movie in history
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