The longest-tongued woman in the world

Having long body parts can sometimes be very good. For example in women it will be very pleasant to have a long eyelashes, including legs. In the case of men, you can imagine what.

Some people say it looks like an alien

But even if it is the longest language in the world, well it has no reason why it can be unpleasant, on the contrary, perhaps it could serve a passionate kiss. In any case, it’s Annika Irmler.

This German-born woman, at just 26 years old, is listed as the longest-tongued woman in the world. According to The Guinness Book of Records, it measures 7.5 cm. The overall average of an adult person is 3.5 cm.

This phenomenon is commonly known as “congenital macroglosia” which is the increase in size, but when it increases, it is caused by external inflammation known as false macrolosia. This pathology is associated with problems of gigantism, diabetes and some metabolic alterations.

Initially, macroglosia has been described for the first time in the 2nd century. It is known from medical records that in 1658, surgery was carried out to eradicate macroglosia, but this time it was by mercury poisoning.

Sometimes problems articulating some words or digesting some foods may occur. But in the case of Annika Irmler, this doesn´t seem to affect her life, because almost all her friends and acquaintances know her and she is popular in her hometown, because it is quite a phenomenon thanks to the obvious length of her tongue.

Annika Irmler is also known as the chameleon woman, and she has earned her title by pulse, or better, by tongue, and for now, she still retains her title. And your tongue, how big is it? Maybe 3 cm. The record counts from the far end of the lips, as shown in the image.

The longest-tongued woman in the world
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July 28, 2019

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