The man who blinded a baby by taking a picture

The case happened in mid-2015 with a Chinese-born baby who was only three months old when a friend of the parents went to meet the couple’s son. In the excitement of the moment he picked up his mobile phone and proceeded to take a photo for the memory with such bad fortune that the man forgot to disable the flash of the device.

An example of the serious mistakes caused by ignorance

After taking the picture, the baby started crying. However, the parents did not take much care at first, except that she kept crying, which caused them to go to the nearest hospital. Once there, the Gallens confirmed that the baby had received serious damage to his eyes and told the couple that the child would be blind in his left eye and have vision problems in his right eye. The cause: the camera flash.

Not only had the man taken the photo with the flash activated, but he had taken it at as short a distance as 25 centimeters, a fact that deteriorated the macula, the part of the eye sensitive to light and that gives sharpness to the images. Damage in this area causes images to be perceived as blurred as the severity of the damage. In the child’s case, the flash flash was lethal.

Care with a newborn encompasses several areas and aspects. Among them, as pediatricians warn, is the fact that they should not be taken photos with flash since the eye cells have not finished forming. The risk also arises with toys and laser pointers pointed at the eyes, including with barcode readers and scanner equipment.

The man who blinded a baby by taking a picture
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August 6, 2019

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