The man who ripped his eyes out and ate them

All people, to a greater or lesser degree, at some point in life we cause ourselves some form of harm and, although eventually that damage is fortuitous and we would not like to suffer, there are people who do like to inflict pain, such is the case of masochistic people or aquell because of some kind of mental disorder they end up attacking themselves.

A whole demented act.

But what André Thomas did crosses the line of sanity and approaches the morbid and macabre, without a doubt, a whole demented act.

Not for nothing had Thomas been found guilty in 2004 for stabbing his wife and two children, the same children, who, after the crime, proceeded to rip their hearts out.

By then, in the meantime of the trial, the man proceeded to rip his eye out and, if that wasn’t enough, ate it. The authorities pointed out that the man had no element with which he could have committed such an action, so everything pointed out that he himself had ripped his eye out with his own hands.

He was sentenced to death and stood by for his fatal turn. However, in the meantime, Thomas himself had stated that he wanted to be transferred from prison to a psychiatric facility because he himself recognized that his mental health was not well. And later, not enough to have already ripped off one eye, Thomas proceeded to rip off his other eye and, as in the previous case, eat it.

The man was then completely blinded and placed in a psychiatric facility. A puzzling fact that shows how far dementia can take a person.

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The man who ripped his eyes out and ate them
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