The man who saved the world from the Third World Struggle

Almost 30 years ago, the world was on the verge of a third world conflagration, since the so-called major powers were threatened with nuclear missiles. Thanks to the intervention of a man who insisted on preventing humanity from being extinguished by what was called at the time: “The Cold War”, we all saved ourselves.

The man who stopped the war was Stanislav Petrov, a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Union Army, who stopped the nuclear hecatomb in only 37 minutes. Everything happened on September 26, 1983, when the Americans were ready to do everything against the Soviets and vice versa.

Petrov, who was in charge of the military operations, specifically in charge of the Soviet network of early warning satellites over the United States, realized through a Russian satellite that the Americans had launched a missile and should immediately report what happened. Fortunately, this man’s Conscience was activated instantly and he reflected that he should not say anything, or else the entire planet would succumb to the atomic fire of the Apocalypse.

La confusa conjunción del sol y los satélites

But the issue became even more acute when the Soviet satellites recorded four more launches by the Americans. The curious thing is that the information was false and Petrov noticed it. Coincidentally, at that time the Earth entered into a conjunction with the Sun and the Russian satellites. But according to the orders that Colonel Stanislav had, humanity would have disappeared. By contempt, this hero was admonished in his military exercise, but thanks to his audacity and reflection, humanity continues to live.

These were too stressful moments, because the fate of the planet was in the hands of a single subject, at 12:14 minutes of the morning of that September 26, in the bunker of Serpukhov-15. According to the wrong data from the satellite, Russia would be hit in just 20 minutes by those American missiles. If this soldier does not previously analyze what was happening with the position of the stars and was filled with adrenaline, in addition to faithfully following his duty, he would have activated the red button that represented the end.

But on the other hand, Petrov was congratulated and today happily remembered, after the incident. He said:

“If they had awarded me, they should have punished the others.”

In 2004, he received a prize of $ 1000 from the Association of World Citizens, as a reward for his heroic performance that stopped a great catastrophe.


The man who saved the world from the Third World Struggle
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May 1, 2019

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