The man who tore his testicles with his hand

The genitals are one of the most sensitive areas of the man and any blow potentially affects him causing intense pain, reason more than enough for anyone to take any blow there.

An act of total self-cruelty

These same reasons would make us believe that it is impossible for any man, with his bare hands, to rip off his testicles. However, something like this happened in mid-2013 in the state of Michigan in the United States.

It is a man, by then 41, who was found outside a school screaming and bleeding. Police managed to find the man’s whereabouts because he had broken some school windows, which raised the alarmbells of the entity.

The subject was found in critical condition and, officers reportedly reportedly shouted incoherent things. He was very weak and could have bled to death.

The man had literally ripped his testicles off after eating some hallucinogenic mushrooms. However, it appears that the fungi had been contaminated with other types of drugs, which led the man to a state of alienation and despair so acute that they led him to undertake such an action.

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The man who tore his testicles with his hand
Source: curiosities  
August 14, 2019

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