The man who was eaten by live anaconda

While many of us would never wish to meet a snake, let alone if that snake is an anaconda, Paul Rosolie, an explorer, naturist and animal series host of New York origin, in December 2014, for a Discovery Channel documentary, dressed in a special suit previously bathed in pig blood for the sole purpose of being engulfed alive by the anaconda.

A lethal feat

Expert staff made the respective preparations for Rosolie to be swallowed in life so that he would subsequently convey the impressions of what he felt to be swallowed alive and then be inside the viper.

However, not everything went well, as the man began to complain about pressure on his arm and asked the team to get him out of there. Somebody come! Help! Rosolie shouted, after which medical staff and scientists present came to his aid.

After the experiment, no one was injured, but there was a protest from various animal protection sectors.

But not only did animal advocates protest, but viewers. But the most paradoxical thing is that they protested not because the channel had exposed the man to such danger, but that they did so because they were disappointed to see that the anaconda hadn´t swallowed the man, as it had been promoted in pre-court cuts broadcast of the program.

And would you be willing to submit to such a situation, counting, of course, with the proper security equipment?

The man who was eaten by live anaconda
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August 14, 2019

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